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MANG, v.1, n. [mɑŋ]

I. v. 1. To become confused or distressed to the point of losing control of oneself, to become frantic or crazed with emotion, love, rage, etc. Ppl.adjs. manged, mangin, confused, muddled, crazed (Ags. 1825 Jam.). Per. 1766 A. Nicol Poems 19:
Dool fell the swain that's mang'd wi' love! He goves for comfort frae above.
Abd. 1768 A. Ross Works (S.T.S.) 141:
An' she choaked an' boaked, an' cry'd like to mang.
Ags. 1825 Jam.:
One is said to be mang't in his affairs, when they are in disorder; or with a farm, when he is not able to manage it.
Lnk. a.1832 W. Watt Poems (1860) 253:
Some shy and blate before their joes, Some wi' love a' mangin'.
Bnff. 1866 Gregor D. Bnff. 111:
He wiz mangin' at 'im for gain' awa.

2. To be extremely eager or anxious, to long, to be consumed with desire (‡Abd. 1962). Hence mangin-like, eager, enthusiastic. Bnff. 1866 Gregor D. Bnff. 111:
He wiz mangin' t' be up an' at it.
Abd. 1895 W. Allan Sprays II. 45:
That set us laddies mangin' sair its treasures to explore.
Abd. 1922 Swatches o' Hamespun 66:
“There's bonnie lang blue eens in a bowie” . . . she said, neen ower mangin'-like.
ne.Sc. 1957 Mearns Leader (26 April):
Ye eence tauld her ye wis mangin' for a kneevlick o' richt real aul' fashiont green cheese.

II. n. 1. A mixture, a muddle, a confusion (Cld. 1880 Jam.). Reduplic. form in phr. it's a' ming mang, it is utter confusion (Ib.).

2. A chorus, a medley of sound, as of bird song. Phr. to mak or mix one's mang, ¶to ming —, to join in a chorus, to raise one's voice in unison. Abd. 1768 A. Ross Helenore (S.T.S.) 27:
Amo' the bushes birdies made their mang, Till a' the cloughs about wi' musick rang.
ne.Sc. 1881 W. Gregor Folk-Lore 109:
Aw sing a sang, aw ming a mang, A cyarlin an a kid.

3. Suppressed anger or fury (Bnff. 1866 Gregor D. Bnff. 111); “strong emotion, mingled feelings” (Bnff. 1880 Jam.).

[O.Sc. mang, to be bewildered, go astray or wrong, c.1500, prob. from an unmutated variant of O.E. mngan, to mix, confound, become mixed or confused. Cf. Ming and Eng. dial. mang, mong, mixture, medley, confusion, O.E. gemang, id.]

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