About us

Scottish Language Dictionaries (SLD) is Scotland’s independent lexicographical body for the Scots language. We are responsible for the major dictionaries of the Scots language – see Our Publications for details.

SLD came into being in its present form in 2002, but has a much longer history. We continue the work of several generations of Scottish lexicographers, and our team includes editors from A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue and the Scottish National Dictionary. The Dictionary of the Scots Language (DSL) comprises all 22 volumes of these two dictionaries, plus the 2005 supplement to the Scottish National Dictionary. In addition to the DSL itself, this website provides a wealth of information on Scots, its history and usage.

SLD is a registered charity. Most of our activities are funded by the Scottish Government, but we rely heavily on our Friends and supporters for additional help to continue our work on preserving, documenting, and analysing the vocabulary of Scots from its earliest records to the present day.

We are presently reviewing the ways in which we can help you to support us. In the meantime, we welcome donations – large and small.  See our Support Us page for details of how you can contribute to our work.