Scots predictive keyboard

Scots Predictive keyboard In 2017 we teamed up with SwiftKey to add Scots to their predictive keyboard for Android and iPhones. Now Scots on their smartphones don’t have to put up with a braw nicht being autocorrected to English ‘a bras night’, or haud yer wheesht being rejigged to English ‘hays year wheelhouse’.

The predictive keyboard for Scots accepts many spelling variants, for instance aw, aa and a’. It also offers predictions based on the preceding words; for example, if you type gie’s it will suggest peace. It will learn more variants and make better predictions the more it is used, so it will continually improve over time.

SwiftKey is free and lets users work with multiple languages at the same time, so users can set it to use only Scots words, or words from both Scots and English.

Download SwiftKey using the links below:

Select Scots from the keyboard options.