About Scots

This section contains articles about the Scots language, ranging from a brief explanation of what Scots actually is, to a detailed phonological history of the language up to the year 1700.

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What is Scots?

Where does it come from? Where is it spoken? This brief article will explain.

A language or a dialect?

Looking in turn at Scots pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary, is Scots more than just a dialect?

An outline history of Scots

Aimed primarily at the general reader, this outline history traces Scots from its origins to the present day.

A history of Scots to 1700

A detailed and scholarly history of Older Scots.

Phonetic description

This Phonetic Description of Scottish Language and Dialects appeared in the Scottish National Dictionary, Volume 1 Part 1, which was published in 1931. it contains a wealth of information about the history and distribution of Scots and its various dialects.