A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)


[1375] The Bruce    Barbour, John; McDiarmid, M.P. and Stevenson, J.A.C. (ed.); STS iv 12, 13, 15, Edinburgh, 1980-4. Edited from MS E., NLS Adv. 19.2.2.(i). Also STS 31-33, ed. W. W. Skeat, 1893-95, edited from MS Cambridge St. John's 191(G23), written 1487. Also EETS ES 11. Also The Bruce, Edinb., 1820 (repr. Glasgow 1869), edited from E. Also 1571 (R. Lekpreuik for H. Charteris) and Hart's 1616 edn. See Barb. Pref. See BrusDOST Lib. 
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