A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)


[c1475] The Acts and Deidis of the illustere and vailȝeand Campioun Schir William Wallace, Knicht of Ellerslie. By Henry the Minstrel, commonly known as Blind Harry    Blind Harry; Moir, James (ed.); STS 6, 7, 17, Edinburgh, 1885-9. Also Sir William Craigie's edn., STS iii 12, Edinburgh, 1940, repr. of 1570. Also STS iv 4, 5, McDiarmid, M.P. (ed.) 1968-9, referred to as (McD.) but reference to the MS text is by the eleven book division of the previous STS edn. and not the twelve book division of the more recent edn.DOST Lib. 
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