Scottish National Dictionary (1700–)


Mitchel, William

(The Tincklarian Doctor). (Edb.)
Petition to Queen Ann. 1711
The Tincklar's Testament. 1711
Letter to the King of France. 1711
Great News. 1711
Third Addition of the Tincklar's Religion. 1711
Speech to the Laird of Carnwath. 1712
Speech against the Bishops. 1712
A Seasonable Warning. 1713
A New Way of Electing Magistrates. 1713
To the King's Most Excellent Majesty. 1714
The History and Mistery of France and England. 1720
The Strange and Wonderful Sermon to His Majesty. 1720
Dialogue between the Tincklarian Doctor and the Devil. 1724
A Wonderful Sermon to Students of Divinity. 1734
Eighth to Fourteenth Epistles. 1734
Fifteenth, Sixteenth and Seventeenth Epistles. 1735
Eighteenth, Nineteenth, Twentieth and Twenty First Epistles. 1736
First, Second and Third Catechisms. 1737