Scottish National Dictionary (1700–)


Cramond, William .
The Annals of Cullen. 1880, 1888 (Bnff.)
Reminiscences of the Old Town of Cullen (1810–18). 1882
The Church of Deskford. 1885
The Church of Rathven. 1885
The Church of Boyndie. 1886
The Church of Ordiquhill. 1886
The Church of Fordyce. 1886
The Plundering of Cullen House. 1887
The Church of Speymouth. 1890 (Mry.)
The Annals of Banff. (S.C.) 2 Vols. 1891-3 (Bnff.)
The Burgh Court Book of Banff. 1891
The Annals of Fordoun. 1894 (Kcd.)
On Scots Drink. 1895
The Parish of Grange. 1895 (Bnff.)
The Church of Bellie. 1896 (Mry.)
The Church of Aberdour. 1896 (Abd.)
Court Books of the Regality of Grant. 1897 (Mry.)
The Church of Keith. 1897 (Bnff.)
Extracts from the Records of the Kirk-Session of Elgin, 1584-1779. 1897 (Mry.)
The Church of Grange 1898 (Bnff.)
The Church and Priory of Urquhart. 1899 (Mry.)
The Churches of the Parish of St Andrews, Lhanbryd. 1900
The Church of Birnie. 1903