DSL Online version 3.0

Dictionaries of the Scots Language Online provides free access to The Scottish National Dictionary (SND) and A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (DOST). First published during the twentieth century, their 12,000 pages in 22 volumes provide a remarkable record of the language, history, culture and traditions of the Scots-speaking people. By sharing these dictionaries online we allow their contents to be enjoyed far and wide.

The conversion of two enormous print dictionaries into searchable, digital editions was an incredibly challenging project, and their publication online in 2004 was just the beginning. Since then we have focused on addressing problems stemming from the dictionaries’ print-based origins and improving their online interface. We published our first major batch of corrections and improvements in 2014 and are delighted to announce a second batch as from 26 April 2022. The main changes introduced by this second update are:

• All supplementary material is now integrated with the dictionaries’ original entries.
• We now say when each entry was first published and whether it incorporates supplementary material.
• Thousands of corrections and minor edits have been implemented.
• All references to ‘next’ or ‘preceding’ entries have been replaced by hyperlinks to the relevant entries.
• There is easier access to the explanations of abbreviations and symbols.
• The maximum number of search results displayed is increased to 500 and the total number of results is now shown.
• Dates have been added to thousands of quotations in DOST.
• Hundreds of sources cited but not listed in SND have been added to the bibliography.

Thanks to a new editing platform, we look forward to publishing updates more frequently in future.