Abbreviations – DOST

The following Abbreviations key was published in Volume XII of DOST but is known to be incomplete. Contact us at if you need help with any abbreviation we use.


A Top

A Asloan Manuscript
a ante
a. adjective (in early volumes)
abbrev. abbreviation, abbreviated
absol. absolute
adj. adjective
adv. adverb, adverbial
adv. phr. adverb phrase
Adv. MS Advocates Manuscript
AF Anglo French
AL Anglo Latin
Amer. American
Amer. Eng. American English
AN Anglo Norman
App. Appendix
appar. apparently
applic. application
Asl. Asloan Manuscript
attrib. attributive
Aug. August
aux. v. auxiliary verb
AV Authorised Version (of the Bible)

B Top

B Bannatyne Manuscript
Bann. Bannatyne Manuscript
BM British Museum

C Top

C Cambridge Manuscript of Barbour’s Bruce and Troy-book
c. century
c. chapter (in a reference)
c circa
Cath. Angl. Catholicon Anglicon
cf. confer, compare
Ch. Charteris
Ch. & M. Chepman and Myllar
coll. collective
comb. combinative, combined
compar. comparative
compl. complement
concr. concrete
conj. conjunction
const. constructed with
corresp. corresponding

D Top

Dan. Danish
dat. dative
Dec. December
Ded. Dedication
def. art. definite article
demonstr. demonstrative
demonstr. adj. demonstrative adjective
demonstr. pron. demonstrative pronoun
dial. dialect
dimin. diminutive
Du. Dutch

E Top

early ME early Middle English
Eccl. L. Ecclesiastical Latin
ed. edition, editor
EIr. Early Irish
ellipt. elliptical
e.m.Du. early modern Dutch
e.m.E. early modern English
Eng. L. English Latin
equiv. to equivalent to
erron. erroneous
esp. especially
espec. especially
etc. et cetera

F Top

F. French
f. from
Faer. Faeroese
Feb. February
fem. feminine
ff. following
fig. figurative
Flem. Flemish
f.n. footnote
fol. folio(s)
freq. frequently
frequent. frequentative
Fris. Frisian

G Top

Gael. Gaelic (Scots)
gen. generally } written out if
gen. genitive } ambiguous
Germ. German
Gk. Greek
gl. glossed as
Glos. Glossary
Gmc. Germanic

H Top

H Harleian Manuscript
h. of ch. heading of chapter
Harl. Harleian Manuscript
Hatz-Darm. Hatzfeld-Darmester

I Top

Ib. Ibidem
Icel. Icelandic
Id. Idem
imper. imperative
impers. impersonal
indef. indefinite
indef. art. indefinite article
infin. infinitive
infl. inflected, inflection
instr. instrumental case
interj. interjection
interrog. pron. interrogative pronoun
intr. intransitive
intrans. intransitive (in notes)
Introd. Introduction
Ir. Irish
irreg. irregular
It. Italian

J Top

J. Jamieson
Jam. Jamieson
Jan. January

K Top

L Top

L. Latin
late L. late Latin
LG Low German
lit. Literal

M Top

marg. Margin
masc. Masculine
MDan. Middle Danish
MDu. Middle Dutch
ME Middle English
MED Middle English Dictionary
med. L. Medieval Latin
med. L. (Sc.) Scots medieval Latin
MF Middle French
MFlem. Middle Flemish
MHG Middle High German
midl. midlands
MIr. Middle Irish
MLG Middle Low German
mod. dial. modern dialect
mod. Eng. modern English
mod. Lat. modern Latin
mod. Sc. modern Scots
MSw. Middle Swedish

N Top

n. note
n. noun
n. phr. noun phrase
n. pl. noun plural
NAS National Archives of Scotland, now National Records of Scotland
Nat. Mus. Antiq. Scotl. National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland
north. northern
north. e.m.E. northern early modern English
north. Eng. dial. northern English dialect
north. ME northern Middle English
north-western Eng. dial. north-western English dialect
Norw. Norwegian
Norw. dial. Norwegian dialect
Nov. November
num. numeral

O Top

obs. obsolete
obs. F. obsolete French
obsolesc. obsolescent
occas. occasionally
Oct. October
ODan. Old Danish
OE Old English
OED Oxford English Dictionary
OF Old French
OFris. Old Frisian
OIcel. Old Icelandic
ON Old Norse
ONF Old Northern French
ONorthumb. Old Northumbrian
orig. originally
Orkn. Orkney
OSaxon Old Saxon
OScand. Old Scandinavian

P Top

P. Purvey
p. page
pers. pron. personal pronoun
Pg. Portuguese
phr. phrase(s)
pl. plural ( roman in variant spelling list)
plur. plural
poet. poetic
pop. L. popular Latin
possess. possessive
possess. pron. possessive pronoun
p.p. past participle (italic as paragraph marker or part of speech label)
ppl. adj. participial adjective
pr. printed
prec. preceding
predic. predicative
Pref. Preface
pref. prefix
prep. preposition
prep. prepositional
pres. present tense
pres. p. present participle (italic as paragraph marker or part of speech label)
pres. t. present tense (italic as part of speech label)
presum. presumably
prob. probably
Proclam. Proclamation
Proh. Proheme
Prol. Prologue
Prompt. Parv. Promptorium Parvulorum
pron. pronoun
pronunc. pronunciation
prop. n. proper noun
proverb. proverbial
p.t. past tense (italic as paragraph marker or part of speech label)

Q Top

quot. quotation
q.v. quod vide
qq.v. quae vide

R Top

redupl. Reduplicated
Reg. H. Register House (the location of the National Records of Scotland)
refl. Reflexive
reflex. Reflexive
reflex. pron. reflexive pronoun
rel. pron. relative pronoun
repr. Representative, representing
rh. rhyming with
Ruddim. Ruddiman

S Top

sc. scilicet
Sc. Scots
Sc. and Ir. Gael. Scots and Irish Gaelic
Scand. Scandinavian
Sept. September
Shakesp. Shakespeare
Shetl. Shetland
sing. singular
SND Scottish National Dictionary
south. Eng. dial. southern English dialect
south. ME South Middle English
spec. specialised
specif. specifically
subjunct. subjunctive
superl. superlative
s.v. sub voce
Sw. Swedish

T Top

tr. transitive
trans. transitive (in notes)
transf. transferred
transl. translation

U Top

ultim. ultimate, ultimately
uninfl. uninflected
usu. usually

V Top

v. verb
var. variant
varr. variants
vbl. n. verbal noun
verb. prefix verbal prefix
verb. phr. verbal phrase
viz. videlicet
v.r. variant reading
v.rr. variant readings
vulgar L. vulgar Latin

W Top

W. Welsh
W. Wycliffe
WSaxon West Saxon

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