Say it in Scots!

Say It in Scots! is a series of pocket books published in 2008, designed to inform and entertain the reader about the wonderful, rich and varied language of Scots.

Say it in Scots: Scottish Place-names

Scottish Placenames cover
The Scots language is a world of wonderful, historic and evocative words, full of a rich variety that can fit any occasion. And where better to find this use of Scots than in the land itself. In Scottish Place Names Dr Maggie Scott takes you around the country from Dumfries to Shetland to explain the meanings of the places that make up today’s Scotland. Dr Scott will lead you on a trip to Scotland’s towns and cities, up and down the hills and mountains, along the rivers and lochs, through the forests and glens, all the way around the Scottish coast and back to the names of the street where Scots live today.

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ISBN: 978-1845021931


Say it in Scots: Scottish Weather

Scottish Weather cover
Like the Scots language, the Scottish weather is rich in variety, full of lights and shades, drama, romance and beauty. We have snow in winter, sunshine in summer, strong winds in spring and autumn and all four seasons can happen in one day. At least when it rains the Scots tongue has myriad words to cheer you up while you are getting drenched. The weather is a constant topic of conversation in Scottish communities from coast and country to town and city and Chris Robinson and Eileen Finlayson will take you on a tour of the country to explain the different ways the Scots language describes the prevailing conditions.

In Scottish Weather, you will find out the meanings of smirr, dreich, moor and other Scots words for rain, snow, wind, sun, the forecast, the seasons and weather lore in this informative and entertaining pocket guide. So, whether it is hairst, simmer, voar or yule, Scottish Weather will tell you the words for the weather around you.

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ISBN: 978-1845021948


Say it in Scots: Wha’s Like Us?

Wha's Like Us? cover
The people of Scotland have a reputation for being many things — honest, dour, courageous, argumentative and sometimes even mean. Very often, these characteristics are opposite sides of the same coin. Whether the Scots character is influenced by the beauty and hardship of the countryside, work, culture, folklore or the many incomers who have found a welcome over the centuries, one major influence on the way Scots see themselves is their language. How we describe ourselves is part of who we are.

Dr Chris Robinson spent many years studying the history of the Scots language and discovered some amazing facts about where the words we use come from. However, you might not be too surprised to know that there are far more Scots words for sinners than for saints!

In Wha’s Like Us?, Chris Robinson gives us an informative and amusing look at how we see ourselves, at our attitudes to work, love, money, envy, anger and entertainment and at some of the best Scots words and phrases we use to describe the Scottish psyche.

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Say it in Scots: Scottish Wildlife

Scottish Wildlife cover
Scotland is a country full of beasties, and for every bird, animal and insect that you see as you travel through towns, farmland, mountains, glens, rivers, lochs and sea, the Scots language will provide a Scots word. In Scottish Wildlife, Dr Chris Robinson will introduce you to Big Beasties, Wee Beasties, Creepy-Crawlies and our Feathered Friends and will inform and entertain as she explains how they got their names, where to find them and how to recognise them. So welcome to the world of the coos, yowes, horney gollachs, blethering Tams and many, many more.

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ISBN: 978-1845021955