Geographical labels

The geographical labels listed below indicate the dialect districts as they appear in SND. They refer to the traditional counties as they were until the late 20th century, and are therefore those which pertained during most of the period during which SND was compiled. This list was published in Volume I of SND but is known to be incomplete. Contact us at if you need help with any geographical label we use.

Abd. Aberdeenshire
Ags. Angus
Ant. Antrim
Arg. Argyll
Ayr. Ayrshire
Bch. Buchan
Bnff. Banff
Bte. Bute
Bwk. Berwickshire
Cai. Caithness
Clc. Clackmannan
Cld. Clydesdale
Crm. Cromarty
Cum. Cumberland
Dmb. Dumbartonshire
Dmf. Dumfriesshire
Don. Donegal
Dur. Durham
Dwn. Down
Edb. Edinburgh
e.Dmf. east Dumfriesshire
Elg. Elgin
e.Lth East Lothian
e.Rs. Easter Ross
Fif. Fife
Frf. Forfar
Gall. Galloway
Gsw. Glasgow
Hdg. Haddington
Inv. Inverness
Ir., Irel. Ireland
Kcb. Kirkcudbright
Kcd. Kincardine
Lnk. Lanarkshire
Lnl. Linlithgow
Lth. Lothian
m.Dmf. mid Dumfries
Mry. Moray
Nai. Nairn
Nhb. Northumberland
Ork. Orkney
Peb. Peeblesshire
Per. Perthshire
Rnf. Renfrewshire
Rs. Ross-shire
Rxb. Roxburghshire
Sc. Scotland
Sh. Shetland
Slg. Stirlingshire
Slk. Selkirkshire
Sth. Sutherland
Twd. Tweeddale
Tyr. Tyrone
Uls. Ulster
w.Dmf. west Dumfriesshire
w.Fif. west Fife
Wgt. Wigtownshire
Yks Yorkshire