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A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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First published 1971 (DOST Vol. IV).

Martrik, Mertrik, n. Also: martryk, (-tick,) marterik, mairtrik, mer-, meirtrick. Plur. and coll. mar-, mertrik(k)is, -rick(e)s etc., -rix(e, -ryx(e, mertrackis and martrix(e)s. [Med. L. martrix, ? coined as a fem. agent-noun f. the stem of med. L. martira, F. martre, Martir n.3, but in Sc. taken as a plur. form. Only Sc.]

1. The small animal, the marten. b. Attrib.sing. a1500 Henr. Fab. 913 (Bann.).
The martryk [v.rr. mertrik] with the cunyng and the con
1512 Treas. Acc. IV. 356.
For present silvir of ane martrik, gavin be my lord of Murray to the King, xiiij s.
1612 Monipennie Chron. in Misc. Scot. I. 203.
With great resort of the mertrick for costly furrings
plur. (a) 1444 Exch. R. V. 156.
Pro … octo pellibus de martrikis
1468 Edinb. B. Rec. I. 238.
Of a tymyr of skins of toddis, quhitredys, martrikkis, cattis, beueris, sable, firrettis or siclyk vthyr
a1603 Anc. Prophecies 34.
Three maires of the Mers shal marrie themselues With the mertrickes of Mar
1507 Treas. Acc. III. 411.
To ane man of Dignewail brocht mertrikis to the King … xviij s.
1531 Bell. Boece I. xxxiii. 1533 Boece ii. xiv. 89 b.
Skynnys of martrikis, beverris, ottiris … vsit be … men of gude in furringis
?1549 Monro W. Isles (1961) 86.
In … Haray … are mony forrests … with infinite slauchteris of otteris and martrikis
1575–6 Inverness Rec. I. 247. 1582–3 Perth B. Ct. 5 Feb.
[He] ressauit furth of the said schip … tua fyn mertrikis
16.. Macfarlane's Geog. Coll. III. 99.
All these forrests [in Sutherland] … are very profitable for … hunting. They are full of … otters, martricks, hares and foulmartis
(b) 1596 Dalr. I. 21/26.
Another kynde of slwthhundes, … out of thair lairis … he dryues the foxis, the martrix, the brok and the wilkatt
(c) 1428 Exch. R. IV. 452.
De custuma sex pellium de martrixs
1630-1651 Gordon Geneal. Hist. 3.
b. 1539 Treas. Acc. VII. 265.
For making … of ane martrik heid and feit, of gold of the mynde, annamalit [for the Queen]

2. The fur of the marten.For many other examples, see the Indexes to the various volumes of Treas. Acc.sing. 1530–1 Perth Guildry 193 (23 Jan.).
All vther costly geir mertrik tod or ottir
1530 Lynd. Test. Pap. 1047.
With meneuer, martrik, grice & ryche armyne
a 1571 Bann. Memor. 348.
Certane jowellis and furres of martrik and sabels
1597 Skene Verb. S. s.v. Timbria.plur. or coll. (a) 1429–30 Acts II. 18/1.
That na man … weir … furringis of martrikis funȝeis puray na grece … bot … lordis
1457 Ib. 49/2. 1458 Exch. R. VI. 473. 1495 Halyb. 90.
For 10 rygis off martrykis
1500 Treas. Acc. II. 98.
Ane lynyng of mertrikis
1501 Ib. 22.
Linit with mertrikis
1503 Ib. 208. 1508 Ib. IV. 20.
Put in the samyn [gown] sevin score of mertrikis of the Kingis and pairt of sabilles
1511 Ib. 198. 1517 Lanark & R. 196. 1527 Caldwell P. 57. 1531 Bell. Boece I. 69.
Riche furringis as martrikis, bevaris and siclik skinnis
1541–2 Treas. Acc. VIII. 63.
1552–3 Ib. X. 163.
1561 Inv. Wardrobe 129.
Ane litle pece of martrickes
1578 Ib. 219.
1581 Inverness Rec. I. 288.
1600-1610 Melvill 33.
I saw him everie day … with a furring of martriks about his neck
1649 Balfour Ann. III. 429.
A goune of blacke veluett, lyned with martrickes
(b) 1489 Treas. Acc. I. 137.
For martrixe to lyne the … gowne xxvij li.
1490 Ib. 186.
ij mantillis of mertryxe
15.. Clar. ii. 1690.
Gounis … Furrit with mertrix
1578 Waus Corr. I. 192.
As anent the furring of mertrix, I sall send yow word

3. Attrib. and comb. (or possess.).Martrik(is) furring, skin, = prec. sense.Martrik(is) sable, the sable or its fur: cf. late ME.(15th c.) and OF. martre sable id., and Sabill.(1) 1444 Exch. R. V. 149.
Pro viginti pellibus de lez martrikkis bakkis
1612 Bk. Rates (Halyb.) 307.
Mertriks, … powtes the pane or mantle [£4], gylls the timber [£4. 16s.], tayles the hundreth [16s.]
(b) 1448 Exch. R. V. 311.
Pro duobus mantellis de martrik wames, et una duodena de martrik bakkis
1612 Edinb. Test. XLVII. 77 b.
Ane pair of breistis of martrik furringis
(2) 1424 Acts II. 6/1.
That na man haif martrik skynnis out of the realme
1502 Halyb. 268. 1525 Treas. Acc. V. 253.
Marterik skynnis
1535 Stewart 4995.
Thair merchandice … of mertrik skin
1551–2 Perth Guildry 282 (29 Jan.).
That he had to Flandris this last viage vj mertrik skynnis
1561 Inv. Q. Mary 20.
Ane covering of blak plaidis furritwith martick skynnis
1567 Edinb. Test. I. 26.
Tuentie martrik skynnis quhilkis come furth of Nerwe
1592 Breadalbane Ct. Bk. 23.
Ane mairtrik skin
1601 Treas. Acc. MS. 79 b.
Thrie mertrick skines
1609 Edinb. Test. XLV. 292 b.
xx mertrik skynnis at iiij li. the pece
1628 Brechin Test. IV. 322.
Ane mairtrik skin … Pryce of the martrik skin vj lib.
1643 Edinb. Test. LX. 218 b.
Aucht meirtrick skinnes … xxx lib.
(b) 1496 Treas. Acc. I. 260.
xxti martrix skynnis; price of the skin viij s.
1507–8 Reg. Privy S. I. 239/2.
To custum all mertrix skynis and uther skynnis of wild bestis passing furth of the realme
(3) c1409-1436 Kingis Q. § 157.]
[There sawe I … The martrik sable, the foynȝee, and mony mo
1511 Treas. Acc. IV. 209.
For viij martrik sabill
1536 Ib. VI. 457. 1539 Ib. VII. 148. 1539 Inv. Wardrobe 37.
Harit with martrik sabill
1565 Treas. Acc. XI. 444.
For ane furring of martrik sableis
(b) 1539 Inv. Wardrobe 37.
Harit with martrikis sabill
1542 Acts & Decr. I. 140 b.
Ane govne of dammes lynit with fyne martrikis sabill price ijc li.

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