A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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Trump(e)rie, n. Also: trumpary, trump(e)ry, tromperie, trompery. [e.m.E. trompery (Caxton), trumperie (1531), tromperie (1566), trumpery (Shakespeare), OF tromperie.]

1. Deceit, trickery; wrongdoing. Also pl. Sa that thare be na trompery; Hay I 226/21.
Thar thocht is bot trumpery falset and decepcioun in thir materis; Irland Mir. II 140/36.
The fox oftymes for all his wylis be trumpary and for litill thing is dissauit; Porteous Noblenes 179/2 (Asl.).
The grace of God his trumpry bringis to lychte; 1571 Sat. P. xxix 42.
They concordit alltogither in trumperie and fallsit; Pitsc. I 141/27.
Sic trumpry and sic gyle; Rob Stene 16.
Our king held a justice air … and punist seueirlie quhat ather was neglected be the magistrate, or trumprie committed be wicked and vitious persounis; Dalr. II 231/25.
Not constant trueth, but tromperie I detract; Hume 9/3.
Trumprie ouer trueth his triumphe soundes; James VI Poems II 111/31.
To compleat his trumperie and our losse, The Church he sels for a Santandrous crosse; 16… Anal. Scot. II 104.
pl. Nane thair is … that can not perceaue it [sc. the chastity of the Roman prelates] to be only an heip of trumperies, deceits, & superstitious abusis; Fowler II 33/2.

2. Applied to non-material things: Nonsense, rubbish. Also pl. pl. Gif fulis … be sa daft that thai wage bataill for lytill, evyn as to say … that he dauncis or syngis better na he dois, or for syk maner of tromperyis [etc.]; Hay I 287/2.
Exhortand ȝow, our gude freynd, … nocht to gif regard nor be pensive of sic trumparyis, proceding as apperis of licht myndis; 1539 St. P. Henry VIII V 149.
sing. [The Queen] furnished with her superstitious trumperie [began] … verie fastlie to pray in Lattin; 1586–7 Warrender P. (SHS) I 271.
The tottering prelats, with their trumpry all, Shall moulder downe, like elder from the wall; 1628 Butler Leighton 35.

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