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First published 1956 (SND Vol. IV). Includes material from the 1976 and 2005 supplements.
This entry has not been updated since then but may contain minor corrections and revisions.

FEECH, int., n.1, v. Also †feegh, feich, †f(e)igh, †fiegh, fich, †fych; fiech, fjiech (Sh.), foich, and comb. forms fich an aliss, †feechanie, fickanoo. Cf. Ochanee, Aliss. [fi:ç, fɪç]

I. int., n. An exclamation of disgust at a foul smell, pain as on touching something hot, impatience or disappointment, ugh! pah! (n., e., wm.Sc., Rxb. 1950; Abd., Ags., Fif. 2000s). Cf. Feuch and Eng. faugh. Also used substantively = filth (Dmf. 1925 Trans. Dmf. and Gall. Antiq. Soc. 25, fiech). ¶Phr. to gang foich, to stink, become putrid.Sc. 1728 Ramsay Poems 39:
Figh! how this mouldy Creature stinks!
Sc. 1782 J. Callander Ancient Sc. Poems 51:
We also say Fych, on feeling a bad smell, or seeing any dirty object.
Rnf. 1808 R. Tannahill Poems (1876) 349:
Ah, feechanie! they're no for me! Guidwife, your herrin's stinkin.
Sc. 1824 Hogg in Blackwood's Mag. (March) 303:
Hout, fych fie, Wat, man! dinna be a fool.
Bnff. 1869 W. Knight Auld Yule 69:
Nae wonder that she flings it [hot tongs] frae her, Cries “feegh”! and draws her scrapers tae her.
Sc.(E) 1871 P. H. Waddell Psalms xxxviii. 5:
My dulesome dints gang foich i' my folly.
Ags. 1914 I. Bell Country Clash 35:
Aside a' your leather, Dothie? Feech! what a stink to sleep aside!
Sh. 1922 J. Inkster Mansie's Röd 16:
Da corne o' marjereen, 'at Girzzie clatched doon wi' a frimse an' a feech, 'at made the watter rin aboot me teeth.
Abd. 1938 N. Hendry Song from Students' Revue Beating Time:
O fichanaliss, I wish I wis At hame in Aiberdeen.
m.Sc. 1986 Colin Mackay The Song of the Forest 79:
... jumped out of bed, rubbed the feech from her eyes, near swallowed her fist in a yawn, dipped two fingers in a clay pannikin of yesterday's burn water ...
ne.Sc. 1993:
Eech feech!

Hence adj. feechie, foul, dirty, disgusting (Kcd., Ags., Per. 1975). Also of the weather: rainy puddly (Id.).  Also fichie, disgusting (Ags. 2000s).ne.Sc. 1993:
Dinna touch that - it's aa fichie.

II. v. To exclaim “feech,” to cry out in disgust (Ork.5 1951).Fif. 1864 W. D. Latto T. Bodkin xi.:
Gruein', an' feighin', an' shylin' my chafts like mad.

[Origin imit., but cf. Gael. fuich, id.]

Feech interj., n.1, v.

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