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Scottish National Dictionary (1700–)

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First published 1976 (SND Vol. X).
This entry has not been updated since then but may contain minor corrections and revisions.

WRIT, n. Also †writt, †wreat; †vrit. †vret. Sc. forms and usages. [rɪt; I.Sc. wrɛt]

1. Writing, hand-writing (I.Sc. 1974); a piece of writing, anything written. Rare or obs. in Eng. Now more usu. expressed in Sc. by Write, n., q.v. Comb. writ-hand, handwriting, script; phr. haun o' writ, id.Rs. 1707 W. MacGill Old Ross-shire (1909) I. 278:
A wreat laitly com to my hand.
Sc. 1709 Compend of Securities Pref. 5:
Amongst these Solemnities requisite in Law, the most usual, necessar, suitable and ordinary is that of Writ Chirographus, Hand Writing.
Sc. 1712 Atholl MSS. (27 Nov.):
I beg your graces pardon for borrowing anothers hand my own writ being ill to read.
Sc. 1717 S.C. Misc. (1841) 230:
A short Memorial thereupon, and another Memorial on large parishes, both in writt.
Sc. 1749 Morison Decisions 16814:
A variety of writs in the small matters in which he was in use to deal.
s.Sc. 1837 Wilson's Tales of the Borders III. 80:
Havena ye Sir John's haun o' vrit for the promise?
Ags. 1888 Barrie Auld Licht Idylls ii.:
Unless you could write “writ-hand,” you could not compose a letter without the schoolmaster's assistance.
ne.Sc. 1893 W. Gregor Notes to Dunbar's Wks. (S.T.S.) III. 276:
The vratch o' a vricht vrait the vret a' vrang.
Lnk. 1951 G. Rae Howe o' Braefoot 65:
Here's twae letters for ye: yin in a lassie's haun o' writ.

2. A formal or legal document or writing, a deed, with more gen. application than in Eng., where it is now usu. restricted to written orders of a court (Sc. 1946 A. D. Gibb Legal Terms 95).Sc. 1712 Morison Decisions 16976:
Any particular writ, as bills of exchange, precepts, receipts betwixt master and tenants, receipts of Cess, Excise, and the like duties.
Sc. 1722 W. Forbes Institutes I. ii. 176:
No Writ of Importance is sustained, except it be not only signed before two designed Witnesses, but also subscribed by the Witnesses.
Sc. 1765 Caled. Mercury (6 May) 216:
The progress of writs, with the articles of roup, and rental, will be seen in the hands of Alexander Orme, Writer to the Signet.
Ayr. 1833 J. Kennedy G. Chalmers 124:
Law vrits, an' aul acts o' parliament.
Sc. 1891 J. Craigie Conveyancing 148:
Among the writs which the Act makes it incompetent to grant are — (1) charters and writs of resignation; (2) charters and writs of confirmation.
Sc. 1927 Gloag & Henderson Intro. Law Scot. 94:
In contrast of proof prout de jure is proof by writ or oath. The proof is limited to the writ of the defender . . . Certain writs used in ordinary business — in re mercatoria — are sufficiently authenticated by the signature of the granter.

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