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Scottish National Dictionary (1700–)

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First published 1968 (SND Vol. VII).
This entry has not been updated since then but may contain minor corrections and revisions.

RIZZON, n., v. Also rizon (Abd. 1920 R. H. Calder Gleanings II. 13), riz(z)en; rissen (Ags. 1894 J. B. Salmond My Man Sandy (1899) 67), rissin (Sc. 1928 J. Wilson Hamespun 65); raison (Abd. 1770 Session Papers, Leslie-Duguid v. Orme (5 Aug.) 14, Kcb. 1893 Crockett Stickit Minister 222, 1901 R. Trotter Gall. Gossip 288; Per., Fif., Lth., Ayr. 1915–26 Wilson; Sh. 1931 Shetland Almanac 187), raesin (Ork. 1968). Sc. forms and usages of Eng. reason (Abd. 1863 G. Macdonald D. Elginbrod ix., ne.Sc. 1968). Hence deriv. rizzonable (Abd. 1865 G. Macdonald Alec Forbes xliv.), rizzenable (Ags. 1894 J. B. Salmond My Man Sandy (1899) 23; Abd. 1913 G. Greig Mains Again 7); riznible (Abd. 1914 J. Leatham Daavit 15); rezzinable (Abd. 1884 D. Grant Keckleton 112), reasonable. See P.L.D. § 42. [ne.Sc. ′rɪzən; m. and s.Sc. ′rez-]

Sc. n. phrs.: 1. juist in one's reason, almost out of one's mind (Sh. 1968); 2. out o' (a') rizzon, unreasonable, exorbitant (Sh., n.Sc., Ags. 1968). Obs. in Eng.; 3. rizzon or nane, with or without reason on one's side; in an obstinate, unyielding manner (Fif. c.1850 R. Peattie MS.; ne.Sc. 1968); 4. to be out o' one's reason, to be out of one's mind (Sh., ne.Sc., Ags., Per. 1968); 5. to hae reason, to be in the right. Obs. in Eng., after Fr. avoir raison.1. Sh. 1901 Shetland News (13 July):
Come fir da Loard's sake! Mam wis juist in hir raesin whin I cam furt.
2. Abd. 1801 W. Beattie Parings 41:
And for the haddocks! wae's my fell They're out o' reason.
Ayr. 1887 J. Service Dr Duguid 133:
Ye ken this is juist rideeklous, and clean oot of a' reason.
3. Fif. 1864 W. D. Latto T. Bodkin ii.:
But rizzen or nane, he wad haud on ruggin' an rivin' at the munks.
Abd. 1880 G. Webster Crim. Officer 69:
Twa chaps hed been seein' the minister's servan' lasses as it chanc't, an' his reverence wud hae them made fest, rizzon or nane.
4. Rnf. 1861 J. Barr Poems 25:
I'm out o' my reason, as I hae occasion, And a' for the sake o' a fause-hearted wench.
5. Per. 1883 R. Cleland Inchbracken xix.:
“There's nae man o' Belil sall sit e'y tabernacle gin I can pu' him doon”. “An ye hae reason, Mester Prittie”.

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