A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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Flyting, Flytting, vbl. n. Also: flytyng, -eing, -eng, fliting, -yng, flitting. [ME. flityng, fliteing, fliting (c 1200), f. Flyte v.]

1. The action of quarrelling, scolding, or employing abusive language. (a) Manance nor flyting was thair nane; Alex. i. 2436.
A woman suld … Oys nouthir flyting, sturt, no striff; Gud Wife & D. 118.
Flyting to ws richt gritlie I eschame; Dunb. Flyt. 18.
The twa bredir … , be fowsum flytingis lichtlying vtheris, frustrate of thare intent departit; Boece ii. xii. 82 b.
My lordis … effter greitt flytyng maid hym contentit; 1548–9 Corr. M. Lorraine 290.
Eftir vnfreindlie flyteng, baith the parties war steiret vp to fechteng; Dalr. I. 129/8.
The great Bisschope kendelit … in a raige of foull flyting; Melvill 718.
There fell a verie foule flyting betwixt the two; 1641 Baillie I. 390.
In reguaird of ther inchristian cariage in flyting and scolding, banning and swearing; 1669 Ayr & W. Coll. IV. 86.
(b) To gar me ryme, and rais the feynd with flytting; Dunb. Flyt. 23.
Margaret Weems … was called for the flytting that she made in the Kirk; 1536 Dysart Rec. 4.
Issobell and Margaret Tailȝeour … to do thair repentance on Sonday nixt for thair publict flytting … on the calsay; 1596 Elgin Rec. I. 42.
After her flytting with the said Helen she fell sicke; 1649 Cupar Presb. 131.
Now they haue found out a new way of flytting, Which they doe call sollicitatione; c 1675 Bk. Pasquils 226.
(c) Oys noght flityng sturt, na stryf; Thewis Gud Women 79.
To thame the Murrayis first be flitingis and fensible wapynnys resistit; Boece x. xvii. 399.
Johne Morison is … jugit in amerciament … for his … false saingis and fliting in commond he get [= hie gate]; 1561 Inverness B. Rec. i. 59.
Thus did he perorat his fliting, As at Tarantums spiders biting; Colvil Whig's Suppl. ii. 20.

b. A contest between poets in mutual abuse. The flyting of Dunbar and Kennedie heir eftir followis; Dunb. Flyt. Title.
The first flytting in forme of reply to Alex. Montgomereis first flytting; Polwart Flyt. heading (T).
In flyting and inuectiues, ȝour wordis to be cuttit short; James VI Ess. 62.
For flyting or inuectiues, vse … rouncefallis, or tumbling verse; Ib. 68.

2. Flyting-free, free from blame. If we walke the land abroad we will finde many folke not flyting free in it; Birnie Kirk-b. vi. 8.
Monie of ws abuses mens wyfes, bot I thank God for it, I am flyting frie; 1614 Misc. Maitl. C. I. 424.
Christ … in that is flyting-free with sinners; 1637 Rutherford (1862) I. 436.

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