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Mark-, Merkland, n.1 Also: marke-. [Mark n.2 4 a.] Common in the Highlands and Islands and the West, Southwest and South, but appar. absent f. the South-east and the East coast generally. Following a cardinal inumber the plur. is regularly without inflection.

A piece of land as sessedas having an annual rental value of one mark at the time of assessment (viz. chiefly, Old Extent). See espec. A. McKerral in Soc. Ant. LXXVIII. 60 f. [Decem marcatas terre cum pertinentiis in tenemento de Colbanistun; 1296 Facs. Nat. MSS. I. lxxiii.
Duas schanmarcatas terre in Kentyr; 1329 Soc. Ant. LXXVIII. 62.]
(1) Wyth the medow of Lothnair and the half markland of the milnland; 1499 Charter (Reg. H.) No. 625.
At ilk markland pay ane mark and ilk akyr xii d.; 1515 Wigtown B. Ct. 49 a.
Wat Stuart rentallit in ane mark land off Gwuan; 1518 A. McGeorge Hist. Glasgow (1881) 73.
De firmis duarum marcatarum terrarum de Daumanwyside [etc.] … et duarum le markland antiqui extentus cum suis pertinentis; 1525 Exch. R. XV. 630.
North ile of Oyest extendens ad xlv mark land; 1541–2 Ib. XVII. 649.
(Stewarton); 1549 Ib. XVIII. 376.
The markland of Arrecastellan; 1550 Black Bk. Taymouth 406.
In sex mark land of Trehorne; 1550 Glasgow Prot. I. 23.
All and haill the aucht mark land of auld extent of bordland; 1559 Reg. Privy S. MS. XXX. 19 b.
1565 Glasgow Chart. II. 523.
[They] offerit him in compositioun xxx markis for ilk mark of maill, howbeit the extremitie of the law gevis bot xx markis for ilk mark land in heretage; 1566 Reg. Privy C. I. 465.
(Redden, Roxburghshire); Ib. 484.
(Wamphray); 1573–4 Ib. II. 336.
Sevin markland of the clachane of Killin; 1592 Glenorchy Ct. Bk. MS. (Reg. H.) 34.
1594, 1609 Acts IV. 90/1, 444/1.
Hist. Kennedy in
Paterson Ayr & Wigt. II. 24.
The lordes of the session esteemis ane marke land of auld extent to foure marke land of new extent; Skene Verb. S. s.v. Extent.
The tuentie markland of Lochbuy; 1642 Argyll Synod I. 38.
(b) The thrte merkland of ald extent callit the Largwrek liand in the Rinnis of Galloway; 1500 Acta Conc. II. 468.
1529 Crosraguel Chart. I. 89.
1531 Reg. Privy S. II. 90/2.
Aucht merk land and xl d. … liand within my … lordschipe of Glennassill; 1538 Boyd Fam. P. No. 15 (26 Oct.).
Of ewerie fowrtie merk land of awld extent in this realme; 1552 Reg. Privy C. in T. Thomson
Memorial on Old Extent (St. S. 10) 162.
Ogiface and Quenisfaire adiunt togidder extendis to iiijxx merk land of auld extent quhilk makis tua men; 1552 Linlithgow Sheriff Ct. in
Ib. 323.
1556–7 Reg. Privy S. V. i. 15/2.
1562–3 Linlithgow Sheriff Ct. 20 Mar.
1563 Inchaffray Reg. 89.
(Uist); 1563 Reg. Privy C. I. 242.
1563–4 Reg. Privy S. V. i. 446/1.
1580 Edinb. Test. VIII. 64.
1582 Ib. X. 324.
Ib. 325.
(Lincluden); 1587 Acts III. 436/2.
1590 Ayr Chart. 116.
Descr. Isles 430 f.
1598 Black Bk. Taymouth 21.
(Lochalsh); 1600 Grant Chart. 196.
(Lands of Coupar Abbey); 1606 Chart. Coupar A. II. 220.
1613 Highland P. III. 127.
Extending to twentie twa merkland being ane pairt of his twentie pund land in Arrasyle; 1613 Bk. Dunvegan I. 53.
1615 Black Bk. Taymouth 52.
1618 Ib. 34.
1621 Ib. 354.
Rep. Parishes 211; etc.
1630 Inchaffray Reg. .
(Mauchline); 1635 Edgar Old Ch. Life I. 353.
The merkland of Benbreck … for the payment of … 250 merkis with a lairdner mairt kow [etc.]; 1636 Galloway P. 25 March.
Their lands [sc. of the westerin shires] are so high retoured that a forty merk land with us [sic] will not oft pay so much rent as a two merk land elsewhere; 1643 Baillie II. 79.
16.. Abercrummie Macfarlane's Geog. Coll. II. 7.
(Lorne); J. Gordon in
Ib. 514.
The countrey of Vaternes … is 32 merkland that is four daachs of land; Ib. 532.
The extent of Tirie is 20 tirungs or 120 merkland and 5 shillings more; 1662 Sc. Hist. Rev. IX. 344.
Lochfergus [alleged] to be ane nyne pund land … [is] but ane nyne merkland; 1671 Kirkcudbr. B. Rec. MS. 28 Jan.
Samsons Riddle 131.
(Dalmellington, 1678); Wodrow Hist. (1828) II. 427.
(2) The bailȝeis of Carrik and Kyle to tak cognitioun of all merk landis of auld extent within the boundis of thair office; 1532 Treas. Acc. VI. 114.
That all few landis … be retourit and avalit to mark or pund landis; 1594 Acts IV. 75/2.
The parochoun [Kirknewton] is divydit in merklandis so callit becaus every sic portioun off land off old payit a merk of maill albeit in old extent it will nocht farr exceid a fyve lib. land … Leithisheid is a fyiftene merk land lyand runrig [etc.]; Rep. Parishes 83.

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