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A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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First published 1951 (DOST Vol. II).
This entry has not been updated since then but may contain minor corrections and revisions.

Foroutin, Forowtin, prep. Also: forutin, foroutine, -yn(e, -outen, -outtyn, -outtin, -outten; forowtyn(e, -owtine, -owten. [Late OE. forútan, forúton, without, except. For the ending cf. withoutin.]

1. Without, lacking.Freq. in certain phrases, some of which occur usually as rhyme-tags, as foroutin bade, caus, delay, dout, faill, fraude, hone, ma, mare, wene.(a) a 1350 Facs. Nat. MSS. II. 14.
Per sex annos immediate sequentes [gl. forutin oni mene foluand]
1375 Barb. xi. 391.
I trow thai sall Nocht weill eschew foroutyn fall
a1400 Leg. S. xxvii. 213.
The mykil wath That tyd the barne for-outyn skath
Ib. xxx. 470.
Thu plenȝeis thé for-outyne skil
14.. Acts I. 7/2.
How fredome may be tynt foroutyn recover
Ib. 70/2.
Of dysseysing maide foroutyn iugement
?1438 Alex. i. 1645.
Foroutin wound I trow was nane
1465 Buccleuch Mun. II. 67.
Til haf ful regres in and to the said landis foroutyn ony processe of law
a1500 Prestis of Peblis 314.
This is the caus dredles foroutin dowt
1535 Stewart 26985.
Concord wes maid … foroutin ony stryfe
a1570-86 Maitl. F. xxxv. 41.
Thow sall find Quhat kynd of taill foroutin faill That thow of hir reqwyreis
(b) 1375 Barb. i. 96.
That king Alwayis, forowtyn soiournyng, Trawayllyt for to wyn senȝhory
Ib. vii. 609.
That place, That thai … Vill haiff wonyn, forowtyn fychting
a1400 Leg. S. iii. 979.
We sal nocht be ws ane twa Conuerse for-owtine witting ma
c1420 Wynt. iv. 93.
Off ane man the hevyde thai fand For-owtyn body
Ib. viii. 4977.
He cowth bryng na thyng till end For-owtyn hym
1443 Edinb. B. Rec. I. 7.
The said baxteris sall nocht bake the said mayne forowtyn pase to be given to thame be the baillies
1513 Doug. iii. x. 58.
Forowtyn fail, Bakwartis … on Ciclopes mon we saill
(c) 1375 Barb. iv. 430.
Thai fled forouten mair debate
Ib. viii. 356.
The folk fled … For-outen arest
1398 Liber Melrose 489.
Forovten qvestioun, repledinge and agayne sayinge
1418 Ib. 502.
Forowten fraude or gyle
a1487 Gud Wife & D. 230.
Euir the company quhar thai tak Sall neuir chap for-outen lak
(d) 14.. Acts I. 108/2.
Thai sal nocht distrobil the men passand forouttyn hund folowand theyffis
?1438 Alex. i. 1252.
In Daurus presoun haue I bene Weill xiiij ȝeir, forouttin wene
1535 Stewart 19920.
In pece and rest forouttin ony stryffe
Ib. 59342.
Forouttin ony leis
a1570-86 Maitl. F. lxxx. 19.
In all this land forouttin dout Off sturtsumnes scho hes no peir
1609 Skene Reg. Maj. 110 b.
Quhere dome is given foroutten iudge sitand, that is na dome of law

2. Without reckoning, besides. 1375 Barb. xi. 110.
Fifty thousand of archerys He had, forouten the hoblerys
Ib. xvi. 665.
Quhair that v. hundreth neir wes ded, Forouten thame that drownyt war
a1400 Leg. S. Prol. 139.
Disciplis ȝet had he may, Forowtin thir, sewinty and twa
Ib. xxviii. 614.
Fyfe thousand [men] For-owtine weman & bernis fele
c1420 Wynt. viii. 6554.
He had … Foure scor off hardy armyd men, For-owten archeris
a1500 Prestis Peblis 208.
Foroutin gold and siluer into hurde, Worth thre thousand was his cope burde
1580 Edinb. Test. VIII. 225.
I leue … to my dochter … tua pair blancattis, tua pair scheittis, tua coueringis, forouttin all hir awin scho hes of hir awne gaddering

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