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A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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First published 2002 (DOST Vol. XII).
This entry has not been updated since then but may contain minor corrections and revisions.

Wollin, Wolne, Wowne, adj. (n.). Also: -ine, -ing, -en, -on, vollin, woline, -ant, volene, wool(l)en, woollin, wooline, wowling, willin(g, wollne, woul(l)n, volne, uolne, wowin, -en, wo(u)ne, woone, vown(e, wound, woind. [ME and e.m.E. wollin (a1300), late OE wullen, MDu. wollen; Oullen n.]

A. adj. 1. Describing cloth, yarn, etc.: Woollen, made of or manufactured from wool.There is ambiguity with Wovin ppl. adj. q.v.(1) 1464 Aberd. B. Rec. (SHS) cxi n.2
To by na wollin clath … to sell agayn
1500–1 Acta Conc. II 496.
iijc ellis of wollin claith littit in colouris of blew, blak and grene
1562–3 Treas. Acc. XI 237.
Of wolant craip of Weneis xvj elnis
1563 Edinb. B. Rec. III 164.
Wollin coittis and bonettis
1586 Perth B. Ct. (15 June).
Ane tartan vob of vollin cleyth
1605 Glasgow Trades House 545.
There shall be an common metster of woollen cloth
1605 Glasgow Trades House 545.
Woolen cloth that comes out of Galloway
1618 Aberd. Council Lett. I 162.
1621 Maxwell Mem. I 328.
For ane pair of wowling hois iij s.
1632 Edinb. Test. LVI 22b.
Fyve pair of wolling stokinges
1645 Misc. Bann. C. II 273.
Her haill abulȝements, both lining and wolline
1653 Glasgow Trades House 309.
Woline cloathe to be cleuks and hoise to the poore men
1661 Brechin Test. VI 206b.
Tuo wolling and lining courtins
(b) 1530 Edinb. B. Statutes 15 Dec.
That na maner of persone … tak in wed or by ony clais lynnyn or willin
(c) 1584 Aberd. Trades 293.
1630 Justiciary Cases I 145.
To tak ane wollne claith dippit thairin [etc.]
1680 Kirkcudbr. Sheriff Ct. Deeds II 166.
Lining or woulln cloth
(d) 1530 Edinb. B. Rec. II 41.
Ony maner of claith, nothir lynnging nor wowne, auld or new
1556 Aberd. B. Rec. I 300.
Scottis wairis, sic as claith, lynning and woone
1592 Banff Ann. II 396.
Clayth lynning and woune
c1600 Dundee Shipping P. 67.
Sex payr wone schankis cost 5 s.
1605 Glasgow Chart. I i dcxv.
Thair sall be ane commoun metster of wound clayth … he sall met all packis and lodis of wolne clayth that cummis out of Galloway … also he sall met all uther woind clayth ather that is bocht or sauld in greit
1610 Brechin Test. II 88.
Vowne and lynning claythis
(e) 1603 Lithgow Poet. Remains xxxiv.
I leif to the said Marionn … my haill lynning and wowin clayth
(2) 1523 Carnwath Baron Ct. (SHS) 6.
Half ane stane of vown ȝarne
1607 Black Cal. Witchcraft 837/1.
A wolne thred
1609 Edinb. Test. XLV 169b.
xiiij pund of wollin ȝairne … fourtene pund of gray wolne ȝairne
1673 Melrose Reg. Rec. II 342.
Wouln yearne unwarped
1696 Conv. Burghs IV 217.
Woolen and linnen yearn

2. Describing skin: Bearing wool; from a sheep. 1482 Edinb. Chart. 168.
The hundreth skynnis wollin calfis, gaittis, kyddis [etc.]
1589 Edinb. Test. XXI 37b.
ic wollin scheip skynnes

3. Describing implements, etc.: For processing wool. 1532–3 Prot. Bk. J. Brydin No. 160.
Twa lwmys viz. ane wollon and ane lynning lwyme
1565 Prestwick B. Rec. 69.
Ane volene lwyme
1612 Bk. Rates (Halyb.) 294.
Cardes called wollen cardes the dozen, v li.
1640 Brechin Test. V 275.
Tua lint whilles and ane volne wheill
1696 Morison Dict. Decis. 9108.
For educating boys in a woolen manufactory

B. noun.Cloth or garments made of wool. Also pl. c1540 Lynd. Kitteis Conf. 91.
Wollin, and linning, werp and woft
1555 Edinb. B. Rec. II 214.
The clayth merket of lynnyng and wollin
1556 Peebles B. Rec. I 234.
Wowen and lynning
1612 Bk. Rates (Halyb.) 315.
Hois of wollen the pair
1664 Old Ross-shire II 79.
Ane peice wooline … ane elne linning
1668 Melrose Reg. Rec. III 474.
That no persone … cary any lining or wollen or any uther to be wrought without the said regalitie
a1689 Cleland 26.
Cloaths of linning, wolling, silk
pl. 1587 Aberd. Chart. 350.
In making of uolnes, seatingis, silkis … or ony kynd of stuf
1614 Edinb. Test. XLVIII 81.
Sevin pair Inglis willingis at xx s. the pair

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