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DROG, n., v. Also drogue, drogg. [drɔg, dro:g Sc., but drʌug Cai.]

1. n. A medicinal substance, a drug (Bnff.2, Abd.2, Mearns6 (drog), Fif.10 (drogue) 1940). Sc. 1818 S. E. Ferrier Marriage II. xi.:
Hoo's Grizzy, an' Jacky, and Nicky? — aye workin awa at the pills an' the drogs — he, he!
Sc. 1824 Scott St Ronan's W. ii.:
There they stand like doctor's drogs — and no an honest Scotch mutchkin will ane o' their viols haud.
Abd. 1871 W. Alexander Johnny Gibb xxiv.:
Fat dis he mean, Mains, by aye speakin' o' “feesikle force” — is't ony kin' o' drogs?
Knr. 1925 “H. Haliburton” Horace in Homespun 197:
An' Doctor Jalap an' his drogs Gang scoorin' thro' the toon!
Edb. 1773 R. Fergusson Poems (1925) 26:
Few drogs in doctors' shops are better For me or you.
Ayr. 1822 Galt Sir A. Wylie xxxiv.:
O doctor! it would hae been mair to the purpose, had ye been kirning drogs with the pistle and mortar in your ain shop.
Gall. 1901 Trotter Gall. Gossip 3:
A'm fit tae be chokit wi' the clocher an' the floam! yon drogg was nae use.
Uls. c.1920 J. Logan Ulster in X-Rays (2nd ed.) vii.:
I nearly pushened mysel' twunty times tastin' the different drogs he sent me.

2. v. To administer drugs (to) (Abd.27 1951). Bnff. 1927 E. S. Rae Hansel Fae Hame 29:
At droggin' o' a dwinin' stirk, there's fient-a-ane like Cairns.

[O.Sc. has drog, drogue, n., as above, from 1456; Mid.Eng. drogge-s, O.Fr. drogue. The v. is not recorded in O.Sc.]

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