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Scottish National Dictionary (1700–)

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First published 1960 (SND Vol. V).
This entry has not been updated since then but may contain minor corrections and revisions.

HIZ, pron. Also his; hes; hez (Arg.1 1928); hus(s); huz(z). [hɪz, hʌz, hɛz. See I]

1. An emphatic form of us (s.Sc. 1873 D.S.C.S., huz; Per., Fif., Lth. (hiz, huz), Ayr. (huz) 1915–26 Wilson; Rxb. 1923 Watson W.-B.). Gen.Sc. See P.L.D. § 72.Ags. 1759 A. Reid Royal Burgh Forfar (1902) 223:
Having under our considderation the taxes laid upon hus of reasing our raints.
Dmf. 1774 Dmf. Weekly Mag. (9 Aug.) 272:
Nane of hus was ought the better, For nouther he nor me did [get] hur.
Sc. 1816 Scott O. Mortality xvii.:
What wad ye hae had us to do? . . . sudna ye hae come faster up yoursels, instead of flyting at huz?
Slk. 1825 Scott Journal (1890) I. 46:
Hogg came to breakfast this morning, having taken and brought for his companion the Galashiels bard, David Thomson, as to a meeting of “huzz Tividale poets.”
Abd. 1871 W. Alexander Johnny Gibb xxxix.:
Yer garrin huz loss time.
Fif. 1896 D. S. Meldrum Grey Mantle 292:
He's ane o' they by-ordinar wice fowk that come frae the North-side to learn hiz Fifers hoo t' draw wir breath.
Ayr. 1901 G. Douglas Green Shutters xxv.:
A bottle for huz twa!
Cai. 1909 D. Houston 'E Silkie Man 10:
'E laek o' his at can live 'neth 'e watter is weel's ibeen'd.
Mry. 1927 E. B. Levack Lossiemouth 23:
Yon's the man fer hes.

Comb.: his anes, huz yins, etc.. we, us, our group or party (ne., em., wm. and s.Sc. 1957). See also s.v. Ane, III. 3. (2).Lnk. 1885 F. Gordon Pyotshaw vii.:
Maybe ye'll gie orders for his anes to get it.
Rxb. 1925 E. C. Smith Mang Howes 11:
It's byordnar het for huz yins that's walkin!
Lnk. 1951 G. Rae Howe o' Braefoot 138:
Whae are you, onywey, but the tredsman wha brocht his yins here?

2. Used as nom. in place of we before rel. prons. and nouns in apposition. Gen.Sc. Us in this sense is now dial. in Eng.Fif. 1882 S. Tytler Sc. Marriages III. 119:
Wat has been struck and felled in his ain hoose and hiz within cry.
Sc. 1891 N. Dickson Kirk Beadle 42:
“Huz that are office-bearers” — referring to the minister and himself.
Per. 1915 Wilson L. Strathearn 84:
Hiz lassies aye gaed tae 'e shearin'.
Abd. 1920 A. Robb MS.:
A' the heich wark wis to point aff the gaberts and his that wis young and swack got a' the climbin' to dee.
Sc. 1931 J. Lorimer Red Sergeant xviii.:
There's twa things, aefter the lads hae their frisk, that only hiz maun ken o'.

3. Used for sing., me. Gen.Sc. Cf. sim. colloq. or dial. Eng. use of us.Abd. 1865 G. Macdonald Alec Forbes lxxx.:
I cudna gang 'cause my frien' was waitin for his.

[The h has prob. come from the analogy of the emphatic Hit, q.v. Mid.Eng. similarly has huse (15th c.).]

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