A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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Dote, Dot, n.1 Also: dott, doit. [e.m.E. (1515) and F. dote, dot, L. dōt-, dōs.]

1. A dowry. The constitution of dote … for the ending and acomplissing of the said bande of matrimonye; 1524 Acta Conc. MS. XXXIV. 39.
[To pay … the sum of 7000 merks Scots in name of] dote and tocherguid; 1594 Grant Chart. 405.
Quhilk the said defender promeisit to pay … in dott and tocher with the said Elspet Forbes his spous; 1617 Aberd. Sheriff Ct. II. 232.
He obtaynit by mariage ane reasoneable competent dote and tocher; 1653 Grant Chart. 343.
[To pay 7000 merks Scots] in name of dot and tocher-good; 1679 Fam. Rose 363.
(b) Ane certane sovmez of monye, quhilk the said Huchon is oblisist to hef payed me as doit and tochir geyr; 1522 Fam. Rose 197.
In part of payment of ane mair sowm … in naym of doit and tochir guid; 1571 Ib. 208.
Ane certane sowme of money … quhilk George Falconer … promeist to gif to the said Isobell … in doit and mariage guid; 1575 Prot. Bk. G. Fyiff 9 b.

2. An endowment. [600 merks Scots which] was given in dote for augmenting the ministers stipend; 1708 Conv. Burghs IV. 455.

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