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ATHORT, Athuort, Atwart, adv. and prep. Sc. form of athwart. [ə′θɔrt + ə′θort Sc.; ə′θʊərt s.Sc.; ə′twart Sh.]

1. adv.

(1) Across in various directions, across, over. Gen.Sc. Bnff.(D) 1847 A. Cumming Tales of the North 94:
He comes frae o'er the Spey, an' bides here a' nicht aye when he comes athort.
Abd.(D) 1928 J. Wight in Word-Lore III. (Dec.) 148:
Rax ower yer han', . . . an' Aw'se rugg ye athort.

(2) Phrase: a' wye an' athort, in (or from) every direction, everywhere. Abd.(D) 1929 J. Alexander Mains and Hilly 29:
There wis concerts, balls, an' sirees a'wye an' athort.

2. prep. Across in various directions, across, all over, about. Gen.Sc. Sc. 1826 Wilson Noctes Amb. (1855) I. 123:
The towel athort his thees is a' crumpled up.
Sh.4 1932:
Da plank wis lyan atwart da geo.
Abd.(D) [1788] J. Skinner Christmas Ba'ing, Amusements, etc. (1809) xix.:
A menseless man Came a' at anes athort his hinch A sowff.
Edb. 1791 J. Learmont Poems 30:
An' lilt the prosp'rous cantie sang Athort the land.
Rnf. 1790 A. Wilson Poems 38:
Spider wabs, in dozens, Hing mirk athort the winnock neuks.
Lnk. a.1779 D. Graham Writings (1883) II. 104:
So many thieves and robbers gawn a-thort the kintry.
Gall.(D) 1901 Trotter Gall. Gossip 101:
Tae gang a' athort the country an try tae convert the natives.
Wgt. 1804 R. Couper Poems I. 112:
Athort the field, wi' wildest pranks, Th' unwieldy oussen stenn.
w.Dmf. 1925 W. A. Scott Vernac. of Mid-Nithsdale, Trans. Dmf. Gall. Antiq. Soc. 16:
Athort, athwart. Ye leave your things lyin' athort the hale hoose.
s.Sc. 1873 Murray D.S.C.S. 229:
“Hey gangs a suort athuort the cuintrie,” he goes a great deal about, or up and down, the country.

[From O.E. a = on, and Scand. þvert, adj. neut. = adverse, cf. Icel. um-þvert, across. Cogn. with O.E. þweorh, crosswise, and Lat. torquēre, to twist. For change of vowel e to o cf. web, wab, wob. Athort appears in O.Sc. from the middle of 15th cent. in various forms.]

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