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Scottish National Dictionary (1700–)

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First published 1952 (SND Vol. III).
This entry has not been updated but may contain minor corrections and revisions.

CRAPPEN, Krappin, Kroppin, Kroppen, Crappin, Crapen, Cropping, n. “Meal and fish-livers crushed together, meal-dumplings, filled with fish-livers. Mostly in the form kroppin and esp. denoting meal and fish-livers crushed together, stuffed into the head of a fish, and boiled” (Sh. 1908 Jak. (1928), krappin; 1913–14 J. M. Hutcheson W.-L., crappin; 1914 Angus Gl., kroppen).Sh.(D) 1899 J. Spence Folk-Lore 177:
The liver of the fish was extensively used in a fresh state, and entered into the formation of numerous nutritious dishes, such as . . . liver muggies, krampies, krappin.
Sh. 1927 J. Gray in Shet. Times (23 April):
Guid kens what dey wid caa crapen.

Combs.: 1. crappin head(s), crappen —, kroppen —, krappin —, = Crappen (Sh. 1908 Jak. (1928), krappin —; Cai.7 1940, kroppen — ); cf. Crappit-heids; 2. kroppin-kuithe, “kuithe (young saithe or coal-fish) stuffed with a mixture of oatmeal and livers; especially noted as a Hallowe'en dish” (Ork. 1929 Marw.); 3. krappin muggies (Sh. 1914 Old-Lore Misc. VII. ii. 73), cropping moggies (see quot.).1. Sh.(D) [1877] G. Stewart Fireside Tales (1892) 244:
Dey wir just poorin' der dinner. I mind it wis crappin heads an' tatties.
Fif. 1897 “S. Tytler” Lady Jean's Son iv.:
He returned in time to call down another blessing . . . on the cod and the crappen-heads.
3. Sh. 1846 Fraser's Mag. (Sept.) 333:
Cropping moggies . . . consists of the liver of the cod, mixed with flour [or oatmeal] and spice, and boiled in the fish's stomach.

[Prob. from Crap, v., either as a vbl.n. or phs. (when used as an epithet) a strong pa.p., but cf. also Kreppo.]

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