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Purvyance, Purviance, Purveance, n. Also: purwi-, pwrvi-, purwy-, powrvi-, pourwi-, purwe-, purveii-, purvey-, purvoy- and -aunce, -ans; Pervians. [ME and e.m.E. purueance (1297), purueianse (a1330), purvyaunce (Rolle), purveyaunce (1465); also, porveance (1297), -ueyonce (1340), -vyawns (c1485), pourveance (Gower), -ueaunce (Caxton), foreknowledge, providence, a statute, act of providing, requisition of provisions, provisions, OF por- (1180 in Greimas), pourveance, porvaience (L. prōvidēntia Providence n.).] The stress appears chiefly or only to fall on the first and third syllables.

1. The action or fact of making provision; advance preparation or arrangements; prudent preparation, management or care. Freq. as provided by divine providence: cf. b below. (1) Of thi nychtbouris the festis funerall Prent in thi hert & graith thi purvians [v.rr. purvyaunce, purviance]; Contempl. Sinn. 572 (Asl.).
God will graith his purveance; Bann. MS 132a/11.
(2) He [God] sal mak with temptatioun alsa puruiance, that ye may suffire; Nisbet 1 Cor. x 13.
Ambrose and Vter … war makand grete purvyance in Bertanȝe to recover the crovun of Britan; Bell. Boece (M) I 330.
For the goddis made sic purviance in the ȝere afore, that the Romane liberte was surelie defendit; Id. Livy I 258/11.
He makis for ws purveance Gif we in tyme frome vyce do fle; Bann. MS I p. 12/37.
As God forbid, that sic ane thing suld chance, Ȝit not the les we wald mak puruyance; Rolland Seven S. 511.
Sua many as remanyit … maid sic purveance and ordour … in casting of the fowseyis; Diurn. Occurr. 252.
(3) Quhat of ȝour ancyent purvyance [L. cura antiqua], schire kyng, That ȝe had of ȝour frendis and ofspring; Doug. vii vi 57.
Scho [an eagle] had bene with celestiall purviance send; Bell. Livy I 80/25.
(b) Quhy suld ane provynce do on him depend To gyd him self that hes na purveance; Stewart Bann. MS 89a/47.
Disparit in hart was scho, That he had witt of all hir purveance to; Freiris Berw. 413 (B).
By Ladie Fortunis purveiiance [pr. purvenance] and cure; Clar. v 1052.
Quhairby thay micht prouyde thair purueyance For gude or euill; Rolland Seven S. 4942.
(c) Wisdome is exilit and prudent puruoyance; 1567 Sat. P. iv 130.

b. Divine providence, the foreknowing care or governance of God or a divinity, what is divinely fore-ordained. (a) Fore nothyre God na purwiance … Bot chance ore fortone anerly … Wyrkis al; Leg. S. xxi 336.
Sancte Petyre … argument mad … That pwruiance was al certane; Ib. 354.
O thou Anchis … twys delyverit by purviance dyvyne; Doug. iii vii 9.
By the purvyans of Iuno, to our supple, Thir Troiane schippis … Heth hyddir set thar coursys fortunate; Ib. iv i 93.
Declarand thame the fatale ordinans, Thar destyne, and Goddis purvians; Ib. xii ii 152.
Quhilk, as semit, wes cummin be devine purviance, that the two pepil [etc.]; Bell. Boece II 145.
This ryver be divyne purviance was ȝett furth with large flude abone the brayis; Id. Livy I 17/28.
How and be quhat divyne puruiance; Ib. 126/9.
Purviance; Ib. 100/22.
Licht of the saule be purveyaunce devyne; Bann. MS 86b/75.
Purveyance; Wall. iv 348 (1570) (see Pervians n.).
(b) Quhene thai dysput had lang quhil Of powruiance; Leg. S. xxi 378.
Pourwiance; Ib. 379.

2. spec. Arrangements for the supply of provisions, procuring of supplies, provisioning. And for our purviaunce to be made in the said partis we haue chargit to pas befor oure cummyng oure luvidis Dauid Murray [etc.] … with full power … til … ressaue the castell of Kildrumy … and the maer sudanly becaus it is a place conuenient of souerte and vthirwayis for oure purviaunce to be made at this tym; 1447 Antiq. Aberd. & B. IV 197.
And fyftie mulis with cunȝeit gold alsua Till Alexander his purveyance to ma … With swordis steill speir [etc.]; Alex. (Taym.) (ed.) 790.
And war nocht parte of victalis come out of Ethrurie thare had bene na memorie of the purviance of his victalis in this ȝere; Bell. Livy II 70/4.

b. Supply of necessaries; chiefly, stock of necessaries, provisions. (a) Sa hapnyt … With vittalis and ek purvians [: chans; E. purwyaunce] … The vndirwardane arivit was; Barb. iv 397 (C).
[Taxes on corn specified,] and this of all corn that is now in hous or in stak the lordis purviance to thar houshald allanerly outtane; 1424 Acts II 4/2.
This purvyance to be layde in the said almouse house to the sustentacioun of twa bodiis; 1478 Grey Friars II 14.
Thai … Plenyst that place with gud wittaill and wyne In cartis brocht thar purwiance dewyne; Wall. vi 348.
Gret purwians be se to thaim was brocht; Ib. vii 341.
Quhar thai mycht best off purviance for to wyn; Ib. xi 665.
Purwiaunce; Ib. v 1129.
Purwyance; Ib. ix 1197.
Damycellis … Quhilkis bair the cure … On purvyance of howshald and vittaill; Doug. i xi 20.
He … cherysyt thame with frendly purvyance; Ib. v i 74.
And other … bestiall … Sustenyt war … On hervist and on symmeris purvyance [Ruthv. purveying]; Ib. vii Prol. 84.
He may be callit ane man of grit science So suddandlie that all this purviance Hes brocht ws heir; Freiris Berw. 406 (M).
(b) Quhare neuer man gat harbrie … Bot gif … thai brocht with thame all thare purveance; Alex. (Taym.) 15989.
Thai sparyt nocht King Eduuardis purweance; Wall. vi 620.
Purweans; Ib. viii 1004.

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