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A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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About this entry:
First published 1963 (DOST Vol. III).
This entry has not been updated since then but may contain minor corrections and revisions.

Knawlag(e, -leg(e, -ledge, n. Also: knawe-, knau-, knav-, kna- and -lauge, -laige, -leige, -lige and -lach. [North. and north midl. ME. knaw-, knaulag(e (Cursor M.), also -lach, -leche, later also midl. and south. know(e)-, knoulech(e (Wyclif, Trevisa), also -lege; going With the Knawleg(e v. Cf. also Knowlege.The form knawleche (after Wyclif knouleche) = (one's) acquaintances, appears only in Nisbet (Luke ii. 44); knavlach appears only once (sense 3 c (1) quot. 1439).]Freq. const. of the thing or person known, etc. Also sometimes used in the plur. form when the knowledge is held or received by more than one person.

1. a. Recognition or identification (of a person). c1420 Wynt. ii. 385.
Knawlage [C. Knawlagis] off hym had thai nane, He kend thaim nevyrtheles ilkane
1456 Hay I. 278/32.
Sa suld the diversitee of armes mak the knaulage of the diversitee of persounagis
a1500 Henr. Test. Cress. 393.
Sum knew hir weill, & sum had na knawlege Of hir, becaus sho was sa deformait
1556–7 Edinb. Old Acc. I. 205.
For candill … at the Nether Bow … for knawlage of the pepill that past in and furth eftir the nycht fell
1560 Rolland Seven S. 10431.
Quhome inteirlie [they] beheld ay his visage, Gif thay culd haue of him ony knawlege

b. Knowledge of, acquaintance or familiarity (with), a person. ?1438 Alex. ii. 7555.
I haue na knawledge of ȝon men
1456 Hay I. 26/30.
Nocht for knaulage of cosynage, na gossappis, na commaris of cardinalis
c1460 Thewis Wysmen 330.
Thai … sone wyll compt of cusingage Thocht thai befor haf na knawlege
1560 Rolland Seven S. 9753.
The porter said … ‘Few is heirin of quhome ȝe haue knawledge’

c. Carnal knowledge. 1490 Irland Mir. I. 94/20.
He was producit without ony knawlag ore habitacioune carnal betuix man and woman

d. Perception, discernment. c1400 Troy-bk. i. 4.
That thai of kynd gud knawlege haue Quhilk is a man of Latyn land Besyd a Grek

[e. Acknowledgement (of sins). a1578 Pitsc. II. 65/14.]
Heir conffessing signifieit the secreit knawledge [1564, knowledge] of our sinns beffoir God

2. Recognition, knowledge or understanding of God, also of oneself. a1400 Leg. S. l. 753.
[He] bad hir suthly knaulag tak of hir makar
1456 Hay II. 52/32.
Be faith men has all gude knawlage and understanding of God and his haly sanctis
a1508 Kennedy Pass. Christ 73.
Of himselfe [he] knawlage had perfite
a1538 Abell 2 a.
We may tak knawlege of Him … be the creaturis that he has maid
1551 Hamilton Cat. 25.
We grant that part of evil men hes some knawlege of God bot … thair knawlege is comptit of God as na knawlege
1558 Misc. Wodrow Soc. 146.
For be the outwart ceremonyes we ar brocht to the mair perfect knawlege of God
1560 Acts II. 527/1.
We … acknawlege … God to haue creatit man … to quham he gaif … cleir knawlege of him selff
a1578 Pitsc. II. 55/11.
To serue God and to haue His knawledge ingraftit in thame
1596 Dalr. I. 142/12.
To … poure in the hartis of the ignorant people diuine rites … and the knawlege of ane only God

3. Cognizance or awareness (of a fact). To haf knawlage till, to take cognizance of, have regard for. c1420 Wynt. ii. 74.
Tyll sybredyn haffand na knawlage And but all reverence off maryage
1456 Hay I. 84/20.
He … is full of ire … and has na knaulage of the perilis
1490 Irland Mir. I. 72/27.
In God is the knawlage of the condampnacioune of Antechrist
1598 James VI Basil. Doron 145/12.
Suffer na … meitings amongst kirkemen but be youre … knauledge & permission

b. The condition of being informed or made aware, information (in more or less detail), intimation (of some fact, event, state of afffairs, etc.); also, declaration.Freq. to get or have (information, etc.) and with other verbs. Chiefly const. of the fact etc. learned, or noun-clause of statement or interrogation.(1) a1400 Leg. S. iii. 483.
Thu sal me tel … The knawlage of it that I sper
c1420 Wynt. v. 1064.
Prestys … suld wyth thame tak Wytnes that suld knawlage [C. knawlagis] mak That thai … dyd thare devore ilka dele
Ib. 5512.
The rewle off Pask … That befor thai had in were, … he thare-off made knawlage [C. knawlegis] clere
1490 Lennox Mun. 141.
Gif ȝe can get certificatioun and knaulage therof
1500 Acta Conc. II. 457.
Quhare the knawlage micht haf cummyn til the eryis of the said James
1519 Fife Sheriff Ct. 149.
He requiryt the copy of the summoundis … and gat it nocht & … tharfor … he had na knawlage nore avisment quharapone he suld ansuere
1552 Armstrong Hist. Liddesdale I. App. xciii.
And gif [ony of] ws be oure myance or knawlaige can haife understanding that [etc.]
1556–7 Edinb. Old Acc. II. 206.
The paroche clerk buik for the mair suir knawlage of all personis abill of bodye and guids
1566 Rec. Earld. Orkney 376.
Quhowsone we … had knawlage of the way taking of the said schip
(b) c1450 Cr. Deyng 256.
To gif hyme grace till haf knawleg of the synis that he has forȝet
1482 Edinb. Chart. 147.
Providit allwais that the said Edward … sall gif knaulege of his plesur and electione … in takin or refusin of the said mariage
1560 Rolland Seven S. 10115.
And on the morne ȝe sall send me message, Of ȝour cumming, making to me knawledge
1567 Anderson Collect. Mary I. 88.
And having sur knalege of his thankful service done be him in time bygone
1568 Buch. Indict. 33.
He wes … restrainit … fra knawleg of the Counsele effayris
Id. Detect. (1727) 160.
Althocht knawledge suld bene gottin, na man durst haue said it was evill done
1569-73 Bann. Memor. 74.
That he had certane knawledge, proufe, and experience of my nature and inclinatione … to murthur
1587 Acts III. 449/1.
To send trew reporte and knawlege to the clerk of registri … of all personis vsing the office of notaris
c1590 Fowler II. 152/25.
[They] sall luik to thair awin … advantages, quhiche nather he can correct nor have knaledge of
1604 Melrose P. I. 4.
Quhill the knawlege of your heyghness awne will had thairanent
plur. 1460 Charter (Reg. H.) No. 56.
Qwhare in defavyte of suthfast knawlegis preiudice may be generyt to innocent partyse
(2) a1400 Leg. S. xxvii. 56.
Bot knawlag had the king nan That his sovn wes fosteryt thare
c1420 Wynt. v. 61.
Certane knawlage [C. knawlagis] for to get How lang tyme that that tempyll set
Ib. vi. 1783.
All that he cowth be knawlage [C. knawlagis] Wes to the crowne nere be lynage He gert be slayn
1467 Acta Aud. 7/2.
[To] bring certificacion and knawlage that the notare is famouse that made the instrument
(b) 1428 Liber Melros 521.
Bot I walde ger thaim hafe knawleg hw mekil land the West Maynis warr, thai couth nocht depart it
a1500 Rauf C. 246.
I haue na knawledge quhair the court lyis
1560 Rolland Seven S. 392.
Fra greit men get knawledge quhat he be
Ib. 4936.
Quhairby that thay micht haue perfite knawledge Quhen [etc.]
a1570-86 Maitland Maitl. F. cxiii. 18.
To reid … the holie writt Trew knawlege sall I get … How I sall haue me at all houris
1576 Crim. Trials I. ii. 55.
[If they had asked her] to get thame knawlege quha had stollin thair plew-irnis
1587 Acts III. 430/1.
Quhaevir … resettis … ony of thame … vpoun certane knawlege that thai ar … of that professioun
1622-6 Bisset II. 131/1.
To get knawlege quhat name it hes now

c. In various set phrases and formulae.(1) 1411 Ayr Friars Pr. Chart. 45.
Till all and syndry til quhais knawlage thir present letres sal cum … greting [etc.]
1431 Buccleuch Mun. II. 28.
Tyll all and syndry off qwam the knawlege [etc.]
1439 Douglas Chart. 67.
To quhais knavlach
1498 Acta Conc. II. 269.
Til al and sundrie quhais knaulage thir present letters salcum, we, Elene Fawsyde [etc.]
1499–1500 Ib. 358.
James … to al and sindri oure legis and subditis … quhais knaulage thir our letters sal cum
1547 Misc. Spald. C. II. 203.
To quhais knaulege
pl. 1435 Rep. Menzies MSS. 7.
Jehan … Qwein of Scotland to all and sindre to qwas knawlegis [etc.]
1438 Rec. Earld. Orkney 71.
To quhais knawlagis
1460 Charter (Reg. H.) C.O. No. 56.
To all ande syndry to the knawlegis of qwhame [etc.]
1473 Holyrood Chart. 153.
James [etc.] … to quhais knaulagis thir oure lettres salcum
1492 Dunfermline B. Rec. I. 301.
(2) 1485–6 Newbattle Coll. (Somerville) (Reg. H.).
It is cumyn to my knawlage & vnderstandyng … that [etc.]
1489 Charter (Reg. H.) No. 545 A.
It is cuming to my vnderstanding & knavleg that thar is a pretendit intrusione [etc.]
1492 Myll Spect. 283/11.
It come to the knawlege of the King hir fader quhilk tuk thare at sa gret displesour that [etc.]
1626 Edinb. B. Rec. VII. 2.
It is since cum to knawledge that thair is such ane number of infancie within this burgh [etc.]
(3) 1491 Acta Conc. I. 212/1.
The said bref … nocht beand lauchfully proclaimit in the publik place … quhare that the knawlage micht cum to the audience of pertij
1575 Misc. Maitl. C. I. 122.
And that the knawledge of the samin [act] … come allanerlie to his knawlege … within thir ten last dayis
(4) c1420 Wynt. i. 41.
Clerly [to] bryng thame [stories] tyll knawlage [E. knawleges] Of Latyne in tyll ower langage
Ib. viii. 827.
Othir ferlyis sere, … ar, tyll yhoure knawlage, Translatyde welle in oure langage
1572 Buch. Detect. (1572) 45.
Quhen there be extant sa many causes of hatrit, and sa many taikens thereof do offer thamselues to knawlege
(5) 1533 Gau 62/4.
He brocht the pepil to knawelege of thair sine
(6) 1592 Acts III. 588/1.
Attour our souerane lord and estatis … of thair certane knawlege ratifies … all … infeftmentis
Ib. 627/1.
Off his certane knaulege and propir motiue with auise of the estatis ratifies [etc.]
(7) c1616 Hume Orthog. .
We have a diphthong not yet, to my knawlege. observed of anie
1641 Rothes Aff. Kirk App. 226.
I have not deserved evell att ther hands, … to my knawledg
(8) 1558-66 Knox II. 424.
To conclude no thing without the knawledge and advyse of the Assemblie
1566 Rec. Earld. Orkney 376.
[They] came … to the towne of Kirkwall, and thair obscuirly ramanit but knawlage of the townschipth
1568 Hosack Mary Q. of Scots 548.
To establish the regiment of the realme in the persoun of the Erle of Murray without his knawledge or desire
a1578 Pitsc. I. 84/13.
He past to speik witht the King of Ingland witht out knawledge of the King of Scotland
1596–7 Misc. Spald. C. I. 94.
Thow … past, by the knawlege of ony body, … to his inner chalmer
1601 Wemyss Corr. 53.
Fforsamekle as … our thesaurer … by our knavledge hes procurit ane lettir [etc.]
(9) 1625 State P. (Reg. H.) No. 123.
Ilkane of them confessit that they wer all vpoun the consall and knawledge of the breking of the said javel
1628 Reg. Privy C. 2 Ser. II. 621.
The jewillir, … wold seim to be pairtner, at the least upoun the knawledge of the said thift

4. Judicial or authoritative knowledge; official or formal inquiry or investigation to obtain this; legal cognizance.(a) 1454 9th Rep. Hist. MSS. App. 720/1.
We charge ȝu that ȝe mak a sufficiande knavalage [sic] pas of the best … personeis within the bovndis of ȝurez office, to serche [etc.]
Ib. 720/2.
This inquisicione of knavlage made at Forfare before [the sheriff of Forfare] … be thirz personeis vndervryttyn [etc.]
As sall be fundyn be the said knavlage, [to] certify vs thair vpon vnder ȝure seile, and the seillis of thaime that passis vpon the said knavlage
1474 Reg. Morton II. 223.
I … annullis … & brekis al & sindry charteres … documentis knavlage or rychtis quhatsumeuer
1480 Acta Conc. 63/2.
The Lordis ramittis the caus knaulage and dississioun therof to the juge ordiner becaus it is fe and heretage
1508 Prestwick B. Rec. 40.
[Georg Yong] accusyt Thome Greif of iiij b. of beyr, he allegyt to leid a knawlage
(b) 1401 Aberd. B. Rec. I. 380.
Gif yhe will adreis yhu to be at ony day with hym for the knawlege of the forsaid thyngis
1457 Acts II. 48/1.
All vthir causis pertenande to the knawlege of the saide lordis
1485 Peebles B. Rec. 29.
That ye mak ane deligent inquisicioun and knauledge to be takin thairuppoun
1542 Boyd Fam. P. 30 June.
The ballie deputs … refeirit the said breif seruing to the knavlege of the inqueist
1558 Admir. Ct. Bk. (Stair Soc.) 81.
It is referrit to the knawlege of certane honest seyferand men gif ane marinar ressavis ane hyre … to mak service
1609 Skene Reg. Maj. i. 105 b.
[They are] to appeir … before the chalmerlane … and there be knawledge in judgement of the foure burrowes, the richt or the wrang to be knawledged and decrited
1622-6 Bisset II. 230/14.
Notar is sall gif na testymonie of the merchandice coft … for that testymonie and knawlege belangis onlie to the admyrall

b. Common in various phrases and formulae.(1) 1397 Acts I. 208/1.
Gif ony be that may nocht fynde sic borows the schiref richt then sal gif knaulage of assise
1432 Ib. II. 21/2.
Quhar that ony man barganis … the officiaris … sal arrest bath the partiis ande that samyn day … sal geve thaim a knawlege of ane assise
1436 Coll. Aberd. & B. 394.
[He] requirit me of myne office to giff knawlagis be a gude assise of al thir thingis forsaide
(2) 1397 Acts I. 208/2.
The justice in ilke iustice air sal tak knawlage … apon schirefis gif thai do deuly thair det to thair office
Ib. 211/2. 1398 Slater Early Sc. Texts No. 38.
The said lordis at thair metyng sal tak knawlage and ger try in qwhais deffaut [etc.]
1456 Hay II. 78/20.
To be sobir … of … thair possessiouns efter the knaulage tane and the inquest of thair dedis
1471 Acta Aud. 16/2.
The … stewart of Kirkcubricht … to tak a knaulage gif thare be ony mare … landis … occupijt … be the said Adam
1497 Acta Conc. II. 77.
That he [the sheriff] tak knawlage probacione or inquisicione apone the ground of this watter gang gif [etc.]
1609 Skene Reg. Maj. i. 105.
It is lawful … to gaine say any judgement … till it be decried and knawledged … be the parliament, fra the quhilk na appellation may be made, na knawledge taine
pl. 1511 Selkirk B. Ct. fol. 13 a.
The said Rechert in the virtu of siklik knawlages tuik be thre heid cowrtis … requiret thaim to geiff him … heritable stait [etc.]
(3) 1398 Slater Early Sc. Texts No. 38.
The wardanis sal be haldyn for to bryng that mysdoar … to knawlage of marche and qwha sa beis fondin culpable [etc.]
(4) 1482 Acta Aud. 102/2.
The saide schireffis put the saide brevis to the knavlage of ane inquest
1512 Justic. Rec. (Reg. H.) III. 300.
The said slachter … suld be put to the knaulege of ane assis
1519 Edinb. B. Rec. I. 190.
The said mater was put to the knawlege of the personis befoir writtin
1522 Fife Sheriff Ct. 266.
1526 Edinb. B. Rec. I. 229.
[The justices to] put thame [the maltmakers of Leith] to the knawledge of ane assise for comoune oppressioune
1527 Carnwath Baron Ct. 42 b.
The said lord put it to the knalege of ane inqueist quhidder at the saidis personis [etc.]
1565 Crim. Trials I. i. 472.
That the said Andro aucht nocht to be put to the knawledge of ane assyise, becaus he is ane pure fermourer
1616 Reg. Privy C. X. 556.
Ane commissioun for putting of thame [certain gipsies] to the knawledge of ane assyse
(5) 1597 Skene Verb. S. s.v. Breve de morte antecessoris.
Gif [the defender] comperis not, the brieue sall passe to the knawledge of ane assise
Ib. s.v. Duellum.
It is in free will and election of the defender, to fight, or passe to the knawlege of ane assise
1627 Justic. Cases I. 68.
The dittay is nowayis relevant to pas to the knawlege of ane assyse
(6) 1501 Dunferm. B. Rec. I. 118.
The said Petir … denyit and tuk him to the knaulegis tharof, of Gode and ane gude assis
1515 Fife Sheriff Ct. 15.
The quhilk thift the said Walter denyit & tuke hyme to Gode & the knawlaige of the said assise tharupone
Ib. 48.
[They] tuke thame to the knawlaige & deliuerance of the said assise
1519 Ib. 150.(7) 1424 Acts II. 4/2.
He sall cheis lele men … the quhilkis sall byde knawlege befor the King gif thai haif done thair deuoir
(8) 1516 Fife Sheriff Ct. 48.
The saidis Dauid [etc.] … offerrit thame to wnderly the knaulaige of the said assise upone the said actione

5. The fact of being familiar or conversant with, instructed, informed or versed in, a body of facts, branch of knowledge, etc.; comprehension, understanding, expertness (of or in).(1) 1375 Barb. I. 337.
For knawlage off mony statis May quhile awailȝe full mony gatis
1456 Hay I. 109/9.
The knaulage and jugement of weris is to … princis appertenand
1490 Irland Mir. I. 61/20.
This vniversal knawlage that he [Adam] was maid with he appliit to particulare … thingis be experiens
1513 Doug. i. Prol. 259 (R).
Caxtoun … Durst neuer twiche this vark for laik of knalage, Becaus he onderstude not Virgils langage
1581 Cath. Tr. 85/29.
All men presumes to haue the treu knaulage of theologie
pl. 1527 Selkirk B. Ct. fol. 128 b.
Twa nychtbouris that hes knawlaigis thairof to geif every man his awin geis
(b) a1400 Leg. S. xl. 130.
Til he in knavlege of clergy, … [wes] wise inuch
c1460 Consail Vys Man 2.
Off gud and ill to have knawleg And to knaw resone be foly
c1500-c1512 Dunb. Tua Mar. W. 455.
Bot folk a cury may miscuke, that knawledge wantis
1535 Stewart 13240.
Sic fals uyce Quhilk hes no knawledge bot of cartis and dyce, To drink and dance
1562-3 Winȝet I. 69/22.
The spirit of Christe … mot … confirm ȝou and ws in the perfyte beleue and syncere knaulege of Godis will
1576 Crim. Trials I. ii. 51.
Be quhat art and knaulege sche culd tell … of thingis … tynt
1587 Acts III. 448/2.
Mony personis … admittit to the office of notarie with ower slender tryall takin of thair knawlege and qualificatioun
1604 Urie Baron Ct. 3.
Sum tennentis … tuik vpone thame to tempper the miln … without ony kynd of knawleg
1619 Garden Elphinstoun 1439.
The knaledge and incres Of musick
c1616 Hume Orthog. 1.
They quhae might perhapes agree, … rather be custom then knawlege
(2) a1400 Leg. S. xxxi. 244.
Divynouris … that knawlag had in althing
c1520-c1535 Nisbet I. 243 margin.
Wisemen of the law war sick as hed knawleg in the scripture
1582–3 Reg. Privy C. III. 544.
In respect of thair knawlege, discretioun, and judgement in sic caissis
c1590 Fowler II. 85/29.
The Frenshmen vnderstood nathing in maters of estate, be reasoun gif that they had any knawledge in the same [etc.]
1596 Dalr. II. 357/7.
For his gret knawlege in craftes maist cunning … he was … in gret honour

b. Knowledge by experience, experience. 1456 Hay II. 16/18.
Bot gif he had sum knaulage of the sournes that it is … to be ane underlout

c. Divine knowledge, omniscience. 1513 Doug. x. Prol. 92.
Consider thy raison is so febill and lyte, And Hys knawlage profound and infynyte
1562-3 Winȝet I. 124/20.
Or quhow may ȝe affirm the angelis and sanctis to be of les knaulege than the deuilis?
Ib. II. 44/22.
The complete wisdome of God mot be callit the creat knawlege

6. The fact of being instructed or informed, more generally, as by study; learning, erudition. c1460 Thewis Wysmen (S.T.S.) 19.
Quharfor thir men, that has knawleg, Suld tech that ware of tender age
c1460 Regim. Princ. 33.
How suld ane man but knawlege keip justice?
1490 Irland Mir. I. 62/3.
Be experiens cummys science & knawlage
1549 Compl. 14/4.
Ane ydiot, distitute of knaulage
1555–6 Reg. Privy S. IV. 555/2.
The want … of cunning men … hes bene the occasioun of the decay of knawlege and science within the samin [realm]
1567 G. Ball. 31.
Knawlege concernis not the clerk; Nor hypocrite his haly wark
c1568 Lauder Minor P. iv. 3.
Thocht in knawledge thow had no compair
1558-66 Knox II. 196.
Some … quhose knawledge mycht greatlie help the simple
1568 Skeyne Descr. Pest. Pref.
As it hes plesit God to supporte my sober knawlege
1580 Edinb. B. Rec. IV. 182.
Sic personis … to … haue fre acces … for reding and collecting the fruteful knawledge be the said buikis
1610 Misc. Hist. Soc. II. 163.
He wes forcit to vse … the knauledge, labors & industrie of vthers dyvers

b. Instruction, teaching. c1590 Fowler II. 57/15.
Nather deny we for beautie and knaweledge picteurs maye be maid

c. In plur., Pieces of information, instruction or learning. 1456 Hay I. 3/31.
Till enforme ȝour ȝouthede of mony syndry knaulagis of haly wrytt

7. The faculty of knowing, discerning or understanding; discretion, judgment; intellectual ability, intelligence, intellect.At first, commonly coupled with wit(tis. — 1456 Hay I. 227/32.
A woodman … has na knaulage of wit na resoun mare than a beste
Ib. 229/34.
Quhen he war cummyn agayn till his witt and gude knaulage
Ib. II. 141/23. 1461 Liber Plusc. 387.
Sen … God has gevyn ws wyt and knalage abille To depart resoun fra his contrary
a1500 Bk. Chess 204.
Folk that wantis sicht … Scharpar of wit and knawlege will thai be
c1500-c1512 Dunb. Tua Mar. W. 300.
Quhilk ay the fule did forȝet, for febilnes of knawlege
1516 Reg. Privy S. I. 431/2.
All … thingis … that the said Johne mycht do hymself an he war of perfite wit, naturalite, age and knawlege
1532 Antiq. Aberd. & B. IV. 231.
Be fragilite negligens and imperfectioun of knawlege I hes maid sindry … contractis [etc.]
1568 Lyndesay Pref. 3.
His ingyne, knawlege, wisdome, giftis of the spirit
c1590 Fowler II. 34/29.
Is thair any sa far from knawledge or sa dotish sa sensles or sa ignorant [etc.]
1593 Edinb. Test. XXV. 102.
The said William … seik in bodie ȝit … haill in spreit and perfyte in his knawledge makis his testament
pl. c1420 Ratis R. (S.T.S.) 796.
Fore wedand joy … Lattis al suthfast gud knawleges

8. Instructedness, understanding, expertise; discretion, judgment; intelligence, ability. a. Of (greit, gude, feble, etc.) knawlage.(1) 1437 Reg. Dunferm. 285.
Gife ony rynryg be les … it sel be amendit at the sicht of men of knawlage
1456 Hay I. 279/31.
In all sik debatis the prince suld … se be harraldis and men of knaulage quha had rycht quha wrang
a1570-86 Maitland Maitl. F. xix. 31.
Cheis … men of knawlege. gud lif, and concience
1600 Glasgow Wrights 46.
Ilk Settirday eftirnone twa or three of the wordeast & of knawledge of the maisters … to … visite all menis work
(2) 1456 Hay II. 17/10.
That the knaulage thar of war writtin in bukis be wys men of knaulage, that knewe and had experience tharof
1506 Aberd. Sheriff Ct. I. 51.
The principale barones, mast of knawledge ande vndirstandin, ar not present
1507 Edinb. B. Ct. Bk. .
The quhilk jnquest … couthe nocht deliuer … becaus thai war simpill personis of knaulege
a1605 Montg. Misc. P. iv. 9.
My witt of knawlege is to faint
(3) 1478 Acts Il. 118/2.
A wardain & a master of his cunȝe of substans and knaulege
1561 Reg. Privy S. MS. XXX. 58 b.
Throw want of ane experimentit persoun of consideratioun and knawlege nocht appointit to the handilling … of artailȝeirie
1596 Dalr. II. 32/9.
Nocht lyk a barne. bot lyk a man of jugement and knawlege, he imbracet all studies
(4) 1441 Aberd. B. Rec. I. 7.
That … thair be … chosin twa men of gude cunnyng and knawlage masteres of the commoune werk
c1460 Wisd. Sol. 631.
It is nocht spedfull till a man of sympil knawlege till inquere our far [etc.]
1456 Hay II. 109/32.
To chese the droggis … thou suld tak traist men and of gude knaulage
c1490 Irland Asl. MS. I. 9/31.
The hele of saulis & helping of personis of feble knawlege inducis me [etc.]
1575 Misc. Maitl. C. I. 123.
The generall assemblie … quha wer men of greit knawlege and discretioun, and knew how sic as we salbe handillit [etc.]

b. Also, knowledge, information. Efter, at, according to (one's) knawlage.(1) c 1400 Wemyss Chart. 37.
[Witnesses] sworn to delyuer and ordane evinly … efter thaire knawlage & cunnyng
1482 Reg. Morton II. 246.
To ansuer tharfor … eftir the wit & knawlege that Gode leuys to me
1490 Acta Conc. 133/2; 1545 Reg. Morton II. 295.
Jugis arbitouris … to deliuer thairintill efter thair connyng, conscience, and knawlege
1490 Irland Mir. fol. 200 b.
He … wyrkis eftir his awne knawlage & liberte, and nocht be na coaccioun
1530 Edinb. B. Rec. II. 33.
To deliuer thairintill eftir oure vndirstanding and knawlege
(2) 1425 Liber Melros 545.
That thai suld lely … make perambulacion at thair connyng and knawlage
(3) 1558 Edinb. B. Rec. III. 21.
The counsale will extent … euerye man according to thair knaulege

9. a. Knowledge, understanding or ability (how) to do something. a1500 Rauf C. 325.
The King had greit knawledge the countrie to ken
1551 Hamilton Cat. 46.
Quha sa hais the ingyne, cunning, or knawlege to conferre the obscuire place to the plain place
1571 Maitland Sat. P. xxvii. 14.
Endewit with … knawlauge to command
c1590 Fowler II. 163/22.
Any man … that had skill or knawledge to introduce new constitutions
1597 Crim. Trials Il. 28.
Scho haifing na sik knawlege as to cure leprosie
a1599 Rollock Wks. I. 316.
Onie man that … had the trew knawledge and mein to attein to this glorie

b. Information or instruction how to do something. 1590 Crim. Trials I. ii. 196.
Thow art accusit for sending the said Williame … to the Egyptianis, to haif knawledge of thame, how to poysoun the young laird

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