A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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Proces, n. Also: process(e, -cese, sces, (s)ses, -ceis(s, -sceiss, -cis(s, -ssis, -sous, (prorsus). [ME and e.m.E. proces(s (c 1325), -(s)ses, -sis (c 1400), -ceis (1486), F. procès (13th c. in Godef.), L. prōcess-us f. p.p. stem of prōcēd-ere Proced(e v., advance, progress, process, lapse of time, in med. L. also procedure, legal proceedings, record of proceedings (1286 in Latham).] In verse, in non-rhyming position appar. more commonly but not invariably stressed on the first syllable; in the rhyming position final stress is regular. In contemp. ME and e.m.E. a similar usage appar. obtains.

1. The fact of advancing or going on, in non-material applications; progress, course. For euerye thing is subieckit to the proces of the tyme; Compl. 171/20. This conscience is left in us to make out our haill proces in this life, to hold in the travels of the living God; R. Bruce Serm. 103.

b. The proceeding in sequence of a narrative etc., sequence, development. Be the quhilkis men may better knaw the proces of the said buke and of every chapter specialy; Hay I 1/18.
Thow art our perte to spill the proces of our play; Lynd. Sat. 1955 (Bann.).

c. Passage, course, lapse (of time, also, of ȝeris). Chiefly with preps. as be, efter, in etc. (1) Eftyr the processe Of tyme that myrakil cane ces; Leg. S. xxi 973.
Syne eftyre of tyme in processe Hapnyt that scho gretare wes; Ib. xxx 549.
Procese [:neuirtheles]; Troy-bk. 1 477.
Bot as manis … dedis her within schort proces of tyme & al is forȝet at was; Wisd. Sol. (S.T.S.) 116.
For dreid that percais the smyth … suld eftyr be proces of tyme pretend ony clame … tyll the said landis; 1456–70 Liber Aberbr. II 107.
Als the naturale heit falȝeis in thar wertu and strenthe be proces of tyme; Irland Mir. I 66/4.
Bell. Boece I xlviii.
Boece 297.
Q. Kennedy Compendious Ressonyng (ed.) 179/2.
The natuir … of … bodyis, quhilkis, albeit be proces of ȝeris turnis ouer [etc.]; Winȝet II 58/4.
Be lang proces of tyme; Ib. 69/29.
In process of tym he urged us for the money; 1650 Brechin Presb. 37.
(2) Proces of tyme at last hes ws inspirit And send ws help; Doug. viii iv 39.
Nochttheles lang proces of tyme vincusis thame; Bell. Livy II 150/7.
(3) Bot eftir the lange proces, Fra tyme that this done wes, The Iowys [etc.]; Leg. S. vii 805.
Tha boundis, … By lang proces of peax, in stait riall The king Latinus held in governyng; Doug. vii i 46.
From feruencie within proces ȝe fell, Quhilk Godis seruandis from tyme to tyme did tel; 1567 Sat. P. vi 44.

2. A series of prescribed official or ceremonial actions constituting a recognised procedure, or the manner of carrying them out. Schyr Willame Besat this proces [: newyrtheles] Gert be dwne; Wynt. vii 3027.
The forme and maner … of the proces of the making of knychtis be ordre; Hay II 2/31.
The thrid is callit iugement generale, Quhilk sall be plane in proces & complete, Nocht as thir twa forsaid in speciale, Quhilkis ar bot [etc.]; Contempl. Sinn. 674 (Asl.).
And of this dome the principale proces … In sentens schort I preis to mak expres; Ib. 681.
The bukis of Numa … in quhilkis war contenit the proces and maner of euery religioun be him devisit; Bell. Livy I 73/27.
Against the proces used be the Dean and Chapter of Murrey, in election … of the Bishop of Murrey; 1574 Bk. Univ. Kirk I 303.

3. A series of actions, more generally; also, a sequence of events. Bot to Pirrus now our story Tornes agane to tell trewly Of all his proces [L. ad narrandum suos deinde processus] withoutin weir And how he deyed; Troy-bk. ii 2677.
This wes the proces causative, That efftyr folowit effective; Wynt. ix 3083.
I haiff said her ner as the proces gais And fenȝeid nocht; Wall. xi 1437.
This first leif confusit in figoure Quhar that the warld is set in the salt se Quhais perrellous proces explanis the portratour; Contempl. Sinn. 11 (Asl.).
Ib. 519.
The hale proces scho him tald How he him has maid cukkald; Seven S. 1971.
Bot quhow thai haif don ȝit thare haill proces is nocht patent; Abell 126 a.
Ȝe knaw lechis will haue ane lang proces, Gude intreitting, rewardis [etc.]; Rolland Seven S. 8976.
The Presbyterie of Stirlin is ordained to goe on in the tryell of Mr. Robert Montgomrie his process, lyfe and conversation; Row 89.

b. Passing into: A series of actions or sequence of events as related by an author; an exposition or narrative of actions or events. He … Wrat quhou he had left his wyf & al the procese of the lyf That he had; Leg. S. xxiv 340.
The laif was in-to Dytes buke, All-thocht that Dares on hond he tuke To tell no more of this proces [: was]; Troy-bk. ii 3068.
For that begynnyng sall mak clere Be playne proces [E. proces, W. procese] owre matere; Wynt. i Prol. 98.
This clerk … rehersyd the proces [C. processe] And optenyd forgyffnes; Ib. v 4759.
This proces as I hawe led in dede Fra Adam throwch the Yryschery; Ib. vi 2312.
Lo! here led a schort proces Off ane hey matere be liklynes; Ib. ix 1975.
Ib. ii 771, 966, viii 2400.
For caus of irking of lang proces, I will pas mare lichtly our of all the papis; Hay I 11/24.
And as to that mater, I will nocht mak lang proces to the ansuere; Ib. 187/11.
Ib. 144/32.
And hensfurth I will my proces hald Of Wilȝham Wallas; Wall. i 19.
Quhar to suld I her off lang proces mak? Ib. xi 311.
This proces sall be schort … For of our synnis we sall fynd na excus; Contempl. Sinn. 761 (Asl.).
To kirk scho went with this proces Scho tald hir moder halely [etc.]; Seven S. 1418.
I will na mair thairon my foirheid riue Bot breiflie furth my febill proces driue; Doug. Pal. Hon. 1166.
Thou drery preambill … Of sabyll be thy lettyris illumynate, According to thy proces and estait; Id. Æn. vii Prol. 168.
Ib. i Prol. 379, xi Prol. 55.
Galfreid … varyis nocht litill fra oure proces in discriving this iournay; Boece 309 b.
I can nocht the veritie ȝow schaw, Without of thame the haill proces ȝe knaw; Stewart 38180.
Hes patent in the proces of the ewangell; Abell 59 b.
To schaw … I am nocht abyll That pietious proces lamentabyll Quhow ceteis, castellis … Thay wer all in to poulder drewin; Lynd. Mon. 3457.
Ib. 3793, etc.
If I sould tell ȝow all the long proces [: exces]; Clar. ii 1671.
Pitsc. I 148/1.

c. (But, quhat nedis) mare, ony proces, further ado, exposition, discussion, deliberation. And but mare argument or proces I trow treuly that thai aw to be payit; Hay I 152/15.
On the gret ost but mar proces thai ȝeid; Wall. vii 816.
Ib. viii 1099, ix 1138.
But ony proces cum on thairfoir annone, All sircumstance put by and excusationis; Dunb. xxx 29 (B).
Oys furth thy chance; quhat nedis proces mar? Doug. xii xiv 110.
Quhat nedith more proces? Lynd. Test. Pap. 586.
Id. Trag. Card. 13.
Id. Mon. 4219.
Thay did dissouer now but proces mair; J. Stewart 69/164.
Ib. 59/68.

4. ? The passage of a writ or plea through the prescribed steps of legal procedure. And ȝour gracious excellence knawlage it war a schort proces tyl arase me sa sudanely fra my fee and herytage; 1460 Swintons App. xlii.
The said Johnne Chalmer being lauchtfully warnit to all the dyettis and termis of the proces of this pley; 1558 Aberd. B. Rec. I 310.
That the saidis caussis may haif the maist summar proces and schortar end; 1563 Reg. Privy C. I 252.
And then cummis mony exceptionis that suld … stope the procese and passaige of the breve; Bisset I 293/5.

b. Also, Of legal pleas: To have proces, to go forward, be permitted to proceed. The lordis … decretit that thai suld baith haue proces togiddir; 1522 Acta Conc. MS XXXIII 13 b.
Giff the kingis grace … has na matiris ado apoun Friday, thane the commone table to haue proces; 1532 Acts Sederunt (1790) i 3.

5. Proces of law, also, lawis, justice, lauchfull proces: Formal legal proceedings. (1) We sall nocht take fra hir thrid withoutyn lawchfull processe of law; 1381 Slater Early Sc. Texts No. 4.
To the tyme that it was lauchfully recouerit … othir with trety or with proces of lauch; 1386 3rd Rep. Hist. MSS 410/2.
Prosces; Ib.
Til haf ful regres in and to the said landis foroutyn ony processe of law; 1465 Buccleuch Mun. II 67.
Thair suld no man … His aduersar puneis at his awin hand Without proces of law in audiens; Henr. Fab. 2682 (Bann.).
Prosses; 1488 Antiq. Aberd. & B. IV 427.
For the quhilk he hes comprisit be prorsus of law, certane landis; 1548 Grant Chart. 102.
Rolland Ct. Venus iii 927.
Gif ȝe will … Vndo ȝour sone without proces of lawis It salbe worse to ȝow; Id. Seven S. 5407.
1564 Lochwinnoch Par. 79.
That … he may summarlie, but forme prosceiss of law, posses him selffe in our haill landis; 1592 Orkney Oppress. 101.
And iff evir he sould be sein heireftir … within the Aill of Brittane … he was content to suffer death by hanging without any proces of law; 1653 Aberd. Sheriff Ct. III 60.
(2) Hafand full power … be … the kingis patentis … be lauchfull proces procedand befor [etc.]; 1431 Liber Melros II 522.
That thai landis … hade bene … recouerit be lauchfull processe for the defaute of [etc.]; 1436 Coll. Aberd. & B. 394.
(3) Of thingis that lattis proces of iustice or thar commissaris; Reg. Maj. c. 156.

6. a. Litigation, legal action, legal proceedings before a judge or court or otherwise. b. The conducting of legal proceedings, or the hearing of an action or actions by a judge or court; trial, hearing. c. Judgement or findings following on these, or the document setting this out. Also said of actions in ecclesiastical courts. (1) And that in sik proces [sc. a plea before a judge in a court] the provour … suld speke first; Hay I 270/9.
Gif a crime or caus mycht efter it was anys jugit cum again in jugement thare suld be nane end of proces na pledis; Ib. 274/3.
The arbiteris than summar and plane The sentence gaue and proces fulminait: The scheip suld pas befoir the volff agane And end his pley; Henr. Fab. (O.U.P.) 1225.
Becaus that clarks our substance dois consume For bils and proces of thair prelacies; Lynd. Sat. 3914 (Ch.).
Beand lauchtfullie warnit … for the third and last dyat of proces; 1555 Aberd. B. Rec. I 288.
The leigis of this realme ar havely hurt be the lang proces of the consistorial jugement; 1558–9 Statut. Sc. Ch. 159.
I nocht the les willing to schort proces and schaw myself … benevolent … to the persewaris; 1561 Reg. Privy C. I 177.
Anent the poindin of Johne Swyntoun and uther proces; 1571–2 E. Loth. Antiq. Soc. VII 62.
Na judge … aucht … till accept ony man in court as suitar bot him that can mak sufficient and lauchful record of proces, domis, and judgment; Balfour Pract. 275.
Seing the langsumnes of proces, and slender executioun of decreittis; 1579 Reg. Privy C. III 220.
For exspenes and proses at ple and for ane mane that makis our report; 1594–5 Skipper's Acc. (Morton) 6 a.
[He says] that he is proceiding aganis thame bot tellis nocht at quhat point of proces he is; 1615 Fraserburgh Kirk S. 4 April.
We … abstractit the kuist and haill process for that day; 1620 Grant Chart. 327.
The extracting of proces wreatin compactlie ilk leafe on baith the syiddes, ij s.; 1621 Acts IV 621/2.
That the Counsell wold passe from all processe and persute; Scot Narr. 149.
The Lords reduce rolements of inferior courts for inordinat proces; Hope Major Pract. II 233.
Hundreds of caussis … , where still ther was proces by way of declarator perseued; 1686 Reg. Privy C. 3 Ser. XIII 29.
Some they murdered without process; Shields Grievances and Sufferings 9.
(2) Fra his court, and his proces [C. prosses] This Makduff appellyd for-thi; Wynt. viii 1580.
Inhibicione … to the … juge delegate in this caus that he suspende his proces quhill [etc.]; 1424 Antiq. Aberd. & B. III 162.
Giff the scherray has processe to mak again ony man … the processe aw to be rollyt apon this maner; Quon. Attach. c. 43.
That he be a gude rychtwis justicer … na for lufe na hatrede … he myslede nocht his proces; Hay II 156/7.
1522 Fife Sheriff Ct. 175.
Plenand … That thair lang proces [Maitl. F. prosous] may na man induire; Maitland Maitl. Q. li 5.
Ib. l 47.
1606 Melvill 723.
Mr. John Hay reports that he had processit the guidman of Burgie so long as he was in the countrey. … The synod ordans him to gang fordward in his censuring and process; 1625 Moray Synod 12.
(3) That thai aucht nocht for to be had out of that lordschip withouttin mare proces; 1389–90 Slater Early Sc. Texts No. 18.
Entrais to the samyn … to be without ony proces of judge spretuall or temporel; 1513 Selkirk B. Ct. (ed.) 24.
In that cace it salbe tynsall of thair takkis but ony forder proces; 1548 Reg. Cupar A. II 55.
[The advocate] protestit for forder procis in the said mater; 1576 Bks. Adjournal MS 7.
To putt me to exsecutione, butt farther proses; 1615 Denmylne MSS in
Highland P. III 223.
Hope Major Pract. I 275.
Neuer to return … under the paine of death … without ony new process of farder probation to bee led & deducit against them; 1656 Aberd. Sheriff Ct. III 62.
(4) To the prior of Sanctandrois … to send ane commissioun for proces to be led on the thevis; 1522 Treas. Acc. V 207.
Our soveran lordis lettres … chargand the ballies … to ces proces; 1531–2 Dunferm. Reg. Ct. 53.
Syne Alexander … But any caus … Of halie kirk the proces on him led; Stewart 45415.
In payne of quhais nocht comperans the said Master Hew … desirit proces conform to the said precept; 1536 Dunferm. Reg. Ct. 132.
Discharging yow all … of all leding of prosses or censurs of Haly Kirk upoun him; 1544 Reg. Privy S. III 116/1.
Quha producit eird & stane & askit prosses for the secund court; 1550 Dundee B. Ct. II fol. 2 b (6 Oct.).
Dischargis … Williame Bischop of Dunblane … of all asking cravyng monyssing and ledyng of proces quhatsumever aganis the saidis personis; 1555 Glasg. Univ. Mun. I 60.
That thair part of the compromit mycht haif proceis and letteres monitoriales raisit on the said Johne; 1555 Peebles B. Rec. I 216.
And proces to be gevin vpone ilk sumond be the ordour of the table; Instit. Ct. Sess. 2 a.
Sua everie quarter resaues proces particularly be the vpputting of the tabill; Ib. 13 a.
That no excommunicat person have any proces befor their honours unto the tyme they be reconcileit to the kirk; 1566 Bk. Univ. Kirk I 77.
Upon the quhilk productioun of the foirsaid letteris … the said aduocate askit an act of court … and desirit of the justice proces conform thairto; Buch. Detect. ii (J).
Proceis; 1572–3 Peebles B. Rec. I 353.
I sal libel or intend proces against thé, tibi scribam; Carmichael Etym. 42.
Proces to be summarlie deducit thairvpoun; 1589 Sutherland Bk. III 158.
Skene Reg. Maj. i 77.
The lordis declaired that … they will gif procese iudge decyde and gif sentence upoun all clausis; Bisset I 225/33.
Commission was given to some brethren to lead processe against a number of these bishops … reserving the sentence till the nixt Generall Assembly; Scot Narr. 55.
Befoir yow [sc. the Court of Session] … have gevin proces and sentence for annatts … to the prejudice of intrants; 1635 Stirling's Royal Lett. II 853.
That there be no more proces granted in this kynd; Ib.
If any man enter in proces with ministeris erroneous in doctrein … , and if the presbitrie refuse thame process, that thay protest [etc.]; 1638 Spalding I 109.
To find their dead arise againe, And processe with their judge maintaine; 1656 Drummond II 190/24.
They would intend processe, and so legally proceede in the probation of thes crymes objected against them; J. Gordon Hist. I 74.
That non … move, intent [etc.] … any proces or action whatsomever for debt; 1698 Glasgow B. Rec. IV 268.
(5) And giff thair be ony actis of continuatioun of proces begune that the samyn be nixt callit; Instit. Ct. Sess. in
Facs. Nat. MSS III xx.
All continuationis of proces befor the lordis quhar actis ar past to be callit [etc.]; Ib.
(6) Sa that the place be nowt distorbelit be processe in the mein tym; c 1390 Slater Early Sc. Texts No. 21.
That thai landis … war … wonnyn and recouerit be lauchfull processe for the defaute of schauyne of thar charteris; 1436 Coll. Aberd. & B. 394.
Inuentand cauillatione … to hef ther nychtbours heretagis … othir be proces & pleyis, or ellis [etc.]; Compl. 167/6.
Gif he denyis, and grantis nocht the trespas, To ane assyse it man ga with proces; Rolland Ct. Venus i 779.
Efter lang proces proceding in the said caus; 1557 Inverness Rec. I 10.
Be lang proces the cost … hes been … above the principell soume; 1561 (c 1650) Dundee B. Laws 23.
Be way of supplicatioun, and not be lang proces; Balfour Pract. 270.
Hope Major Pract. II 233.
Only determinable by proces; 1669 Conv. Burghs III 618.
(7) By his discharge produced in process; Durie Decis. 277.

d. Under, also in, proces, also procesis, involved in legal proceedings; under trial; under judgement or sentence. Becaus the said Margret is vnder procesis and sentence of cursin; 1466 Acta Aud. 4/2.
I am ȝit in prossis herfor I pray your L. saind me silver; 1581 Nugae Scoticae 36.
Except nine lynes in process scraipit out and the evill covered; 1610 Cramond Ch. Aberdour 8.
That our burgesses non residentes ar presentlie under proces and charges to mak thair residence within xl dayes; 1618 Aberd. Council Lett. I 161.
He was guiltie of … murther … for the quhich he … was lying under proces befor the civill judge; 1642 Strathbogie Presb. 29.
The elders should delait … those that were in processe befor in Mr. Alexander Seaton his tyme; 1652 Cullen Kirk S. 18 July.
Which reports … ar all approven be the haill counsall and lying in proces; 1670 Kirkcudbr. B. Rec. MS 2 April.

e. The style or manner of the proceedings used in a particular court or a particular type of case. Becaus the proces of justice airis is sa lang and prolixt; 1525 Acts II 297/2.
Form of process before the spirituall juge; Balfour Pract. 30 marg.
The like proces sould be keiped, and observed in the breive of convention; quhereof this is the forme; Skene Reg. Maj. i 87 b.
Ane ordinare form of procese suld be led and deduced aganist him; Bisset I 197/12.
For … there chaptouris abone specified off civile procese, quhereunto is added the sext proceses … used in Scotland befoir the erectioun of the college of justice; Ib. 278/26, 27.
That ane forme be maid of the haill ordoure of the procese used befoir the lordis of sessioun; Ib. II 65/28.

f. Of a judge or officer of the law (here, the Pope): To mak proces, to take legal action (aganis another). Agaynis the quhilk emperour, the said pape maid proces, and deprivit him of the dignitee imperialle be sentence diffinitive; Hay I 111/13.

g. Of a judge or panel of judges: (To find) no proces, appar. = to find that there is no case to answer. The lords found no process at the instance of the countess; 1661 Decis. Lords G. 9.
1672 Justiciary Ct. Rec. II 74.
For the first defence, and the most general in all actions … No process for such a reason; Stair Inst. (1693) iv xxxviii §1.

7. Chiefly, a. A legal action brought, or heard, before a judge or court; a case, cause, plea or hearing. Also, b. A legal procedure for any form of litigation. (Cf. also 9 below.) c. Also, the findings, judgement or sentence in a cause, following its hearing. Also said of actions in ecclesiastical courts. Also fig. For some further examples, see Lede v. 18, Leding vbl. n. 6. A process is an action sustained by a judge, that thereupon either an act or definitive sentence may follow … and therefore an action not sustained cannot be a process though in vulgar acceptance any summons [etc.]; Stair Inst. (1693) iv iii §21.
Ib. xxxviii §1.
[Processus pro terra de Monachkennaran recuperanda coram judicibus; 1233 Acts I 85.
Et petiit processum primi diei litis supradicte sibi perlegi; 1349 Reg. Episc. Aberd. I 80.]
(1) And menyd hym … that he wes Noucht trettyd as kyng in that proces [C. prosses]; Wynt. viii 1628.
That the processe was suthfaste and lauchfully done in it selff; 1436 Coll. Aberd. & B. 394.
And tharfor quhen twa campiouns ar in clos felde of barrieris, and the proces be all cummyn to poynt, redy to the conclusioun; Hay I 271/23.
Greitt trubill … sustenit … be calanȝears quhilkis accept thame to the court of processis and dilatour; 1492 (c 1580) Edinb. B. Rec. I 63.
This inordinate court and proces quaid, I will obiect; Doug. Pal. Hon. 689.
1501–2 Acta Conc. III 172.
And for vther syndre causis the proces had na ordour; 1519 (c 1580) Edinb. B. Rec. I 188.
And our said schiref … hes forebydding his clerk of court to gif to the said James the coppy of the said proces; 1522 Fife Sheriff Ct. 175.
That therfor in tyme tocum the procesis of justice airis and justice courtis be peremptour; 1525 Acts II 297/2.
And ȝe sir freir, becaus ȝe can declair The haill processe, pas with him in commissioun; Lynd. Sat. 1123 (Ch.).
He … haldis me ȝit vndir the same proces [: pes] That [etc.]; Ib. 2003 (Bann.).
It apperis … the said proces invalide, null & aganis all law & equite deducit & gevin; 1542 Acts II 416/2.
1543 Reg. Morton II 288.
To warne all our souerane ladyis liegis that hes ony processis ellis dependent or to be callit, that tha awate thairupon; 1545 Reg. Privy C. I 5.
The summondis haill proces and sentences to be in vulgare toung; Instit. Ct. Sess. 26 a.
Thy fair fals toung dois still impung Our crown imperiall, Lyke wauering thane thy proces vane Will brew thé bitter gall; 1570 Sat. P. xxii 84.
The proces betuix Faconer and Thomas Thomsone; 1574–5 Haddington Treas. Acc. 33.
The suffering of any contradiction … makis the processis endles; James VI Basil. Doron 183/11.
Hume 74/206.
The haill expences of the proces and pices of the tytle … I estimat to a houndrethe marks; Melvill 10.
Quhilk inspectioun of the peces and wreittis of the procese suld … be granttit to the defender; Bisset I 168/17.
Proses; Ib. 212/29.
[He] hes kythed as ane partie … in all this processe and hes compeired in all the dyets; 1630 Reg. Privy C. 2 Ser. III 450.
All processes ar continued against the next day because of the enemie; 1645 Sc. N. & Q. 1 Ser. XII 60.
That ewerie session have five distinct registers, on for proceisses, discipline, ecclesiastical acts; 1650 Inverurie 314.
He supplicat the sessioune to put a spedie cloise to his process; 1667 Dumbarton B. Rec. App. i 8.
Some crimes have been tryed … at midnight and the malefactor immediatly drowned … without inserting any part of the process in the journal-books; Mackenzie Laws & C. ii xxx 1 (1678) 557.
1679 Dunblane Synod 146.
Preachers … declared fugitives upon a process intented against the said tennants; 1681 London Gaz. No. 1648/4.
And all the proces firm and fast To give the Counsel Jedburgh cast; 1681 Cleland 110.
All points of processes before them are with continuation of days; Stair Inst. (1693) iv ii §1.
Ib. xxxix §11.
1698 Glasgow B. Rec. IV 268.
fig. My patience pleids my proces at the bar; Montg. Son. lv 7.
(2) Tuiching the inordinate procesis quhilk thai led as schereffis in that part direct be the kingis lettrez; 1474 Acta Aud. 32/2.
Efter the forme of the proces led apoun him; 1488 Acta Conc. I 88/1.
The proces and dome led and gevin be the said chawmerlane depute aganis [etc.]; 1492 Ib. 245/2.
That Bischop Alexander … renuncit all procissis made be him anent the tendis of [etc.]; 1492 Aberd. B. Rec. I 47.
The saidis Lords … suspendis the proces past apone the sade erle and Wilȝeam in this mater of before in the menetyme; 1496 Acta Conc. II 25.
That thai mak na execucione of na proces apone Maister Jhone Spens; 1496–7 Ib. 63.
Summondis of errour for the retreting of the said processe; 1518–19 Fife Sheriff Ct. 297.
1522 Ib. 175.
That quhether tha compere or nocht … that processis sal be had in all materis accordinglie as efferis; 1545 Reg. Privy C. I 5.
I man fra the begynninge deduce the haill proces led agains me; 1583 Colville Lett. 38.
He may cast the proces, saying, that … it was made vnlawfullie vnder sunne; Skene Reg. Maj. i 103 b.
For the Deane of Murraye, I see his prorsus is endit with him selfe, and soe it fell him faire; 1620 Mar & Kellie MSS Suppl. 105.
The proces aganis John Maij to be walkinit & to begin quhair it left; 1622 Fraserburgh Kirk S. fol. 143 b (25 Dec.).
That all … inordinate processis, be raisit … with in the space of thrie ȝeiris; Bisset I 176/31.
Processe; 1650 Brechin Presb. 47.
If Caigton the pursuer shall desist the processe; 1666 Galloway Synod 72.
There was a process intented against him by the Earl of Marr; Scot Staggering State 33.
1686 Reg. Privy C. 3 Ser. XIII 77.
1693 Fountainhall Decis. I 572.
The process being let fall when Mr. Cobham went hence, the Session thinks fit to revive the processe again; 1697 Penninghame Par. Rec. I 9.
1698 Glasgow B. Rec. IV 267.
And so did cast his process as heir to John; D. Hume Accompt of Estate 32.
(3) That no process could pass againes hir for the moueable airship; 1645 Aberd. Sheriff Ct. III 45.

8. a. In earlier use, appar. chiefly, A document or record narrating the proceedings and judgement in a case; a record of the hearing of a case by a court. That the forsayde personaris contenyt in his prosces souch hym nother with grace [etc.] … to delay his dome na his proces; 1386 3rd Rep. Hist. MSS 410/2.
Apon the quhilkis he schiev his processe and his dome giffin and the reseysing tharof agayne in his handis; 1436 Coll. Aberd. & B. 394.
The quhilk … assise … herde the processe forsaide rede and yede out of the courte haffande that processe with thaim; Ib.
The iugeis into the caus furth cowth proceid, Lawrence the actis and proces wrait; Henr. Fab. 1239 (Bann.).
[John, Lord of Cathcart, asked an act] that he had deliverit the processe that he was servit of til my Lord Chancellar; 1499–1500 Acta Conc. II 354.
Til bring with him the proces of the court led be him in this mater; 1500 Ib. 472.
To produce before ȝou thar processe & rolment of court of the said pretendit sentence … to here the sammyn discussit befor ȝou as ordinar juge; 1521 Fife Sheriff Ct. 274.
For reductioun of ane proces be ressoun of informalite & nullite contenit in the samyn; 1543 Acts II 433/1.
The proces following suld be insert befoir this act and the samyn wes omittit; 1561 Reg. Privy C. I 188 n.
The clerk sall reid throw the haill rolment and proces of the last court haldin last befoir; c 1566 Fife Sheriff Ct. 407.
Sum auld imperfect informall bukis contenying partes of buikis … not haill yeris sic as the processes of the courts of Abd.; 1590 Aberd. Council Lett. I 50.
From all which, it seems somewhat strange that this process should have been insert in the adjournal books; Mackenzie Laws & C. ii xvi 3 (1678) 433.

b. ? The mandate, summons or writ which formally initiated an action at law. That thai bring with thame al … citacions and processes purchest be thame; 1496–7 Acta Conc. II 63.
For … parchement skynnis … to write the proces upon for the taxt; 1532 Treas. Acc. VI 50.
For rede walx to sele the proces; Ib. 51.
To Alexander Ȝoung for making of iij proces, ane for apprising of the lord Simpillis landis … and ane apoun the lard of Barsquyb for [etc.] … and the thrid apoun the lard of Walterstoun; 1534 Ib. 208.
Onlie suittis and actionis, or processus for annuellis, euil to be red, be resoun of the antiquite of the wreit; 1591 Aberd. B. Rec. I Pref. viii.
For the proces of a speciall seruice to landis; 1621 Acts IV 621/2.

c. Latterly, the documents and pleadings on which an action is based, lodged in court prior to the hearing of a case; ‘the writs, forms and pleadings from the first step down to the judgement, by which an action or prosecution is brought under judicial cognizance’ (A.D. Gibb). Though in vulgar acceptance any summons when but called by a clerk and appointed to be seen is called a process; Stair Inst. (1693) iv iii §21.
Yet the summons, with the instructions thereof, … is called a process, albeit properly it be not, until an interlocutor be upon it; Ib. xxxviii §1.
That all publicationis of witnes and vthir attestationis and examinatioun of proces be maid befor the haill auditour; Instit. Ct. Sess. in
Facs. Nat. MSS III xx.
1583–4 Perth B. Ct. 17 Jan. (see Pece n. 15 a).
That quhat evir advocate tynis … the peces or procese of his awin clyent or of his pairtie adversare deliverit to him to be sene salbe haldin to ansueir [etc.]; Bisset I 165/12.
And the sicht of the peces of the procese, sic as the principall summonis, the executioun and indorsation thairof, with the perseweris tytill … quhairupoun his lybell is founded; Ib. 167/22.
That all procese salbe advised everie Setterday … and that the auldest procese be first advised; Ib. 220/21, 24.
Summonds and processes … apparentlie befor that tyme [sc. 1563] … used to be in Latine; Hope Major Pract. II 49.
That processe which was given in in the fornoon by Mr. Andro Bruce minister of Carnbie against Margret Guthrie, scandalous for many yeares for vitchcraft, was read before the brethren; 1666 St. A. Presb. 84.
The clerk marks the process to be seen in such an advocate's house, who is answerable for the return of it; Stair Inst. (1693) iv xxxviii §6.
Processes with us are said to be discussed when the relevancy thereof is determined; Ib. xxxix §3.
Processes are brought in before the lords … some in the first instance, some in the second; Id. Form of Process 3.

d. In fig. contexts. It may weill make up a dittay and proces against you, against the day of that generall assemblie; R. Bruce Serm. 25.
The wicked … are … clerks to their own process, and doing nothing all their life but gathering dittayes against themselves; 1630 Rutherford Lett. (1891) 55.
When a process hath been lying long before God; Dickson Psalms 1–50 (1653) 36.
He is leading witnesses and fitting processes and discovering the truth and falsehood of everything; Durham Comm. Rev. 24.

9. With qualifying phrase or possessive specifying the subject of the litigation or the form of legal procedure, trial or judgement. (1) It suld nocht hafe nedit the said Alexander to lede ony procesis of the said land; 1480 Acta Conc. I 72/2.
And that na man vse ony procesis of ony pensioun impetrate contrare the saide actis; 1482 Acts II 144/1.
Ane proces of ane land liand in the Mary Wynd; 1519–20 Stirling B. Rec. I 1.
(2) To cause forme and mak the said Margaret Woid hir proces and dittay upone hir manifest … periurie and abuseing; 1631 Justiciary Cases I 155.
Orknay's processe came first before us: he was a curler … on the Sabbath-day [etc.]; 1638 Baillie I 163.
(3) In sic effect … as proces of breif of perambulation; 1492 Reg. Episc. Morav. 248.
Ane absolucione simpliciter of the proces of cursing past on him; 1496–7 Acta Conc. II 64.
That gif this processe of the decernyng of thir landis … be decernit til the kingis hienes … , that he [etc.]; 1498–9 Ib. 332.
Til suspend al processis of cursing led be him apone the sade schiref; 1499–1500 Ib. 392.
Be detful proces of recognicioune for none payment of … grund annuel; 1512 Dunferm. B. Rec. I 358.
With discharge … of all lettres and proces of horne gevin agains the said Thomas; 1515–16 Reg. Privy S. I 412/1.
1535 Acts II 350/1.
Throw the said Laurence falseing and finȝeing of ane proces of apprising; 1540 Reg. Privy S. II 530/1.
And producit ane proces of recognitioun ordourlie led at thrie sindry heid courtis; 1544 Aberd. B. Rec. I 207.
He wald use nan other [defence] nor he had used alredy, in the proces of adherence; 1561 St. A. Kirk S. 130.
The decreit of the reductioun of the proces of forfaultry foirsaid; 1573 Elgin Rec. I 140.
Addettit … be proces of erd and stane in four heid court as is prescriwit be the form of law; 1578 Acts III 112/1.
Proces of appryseing led be Marie Erskyn, ladie Ruthvennis, aganis George Creichtoun of Canna, of the landis of Henderstoun; 1611 Scrymgeour Invent. (S.R.S.) 31.
Togidder with the auld formes of the procesis of falsing of domes, the procese of the breve of perambulation, … the procese betuix the lord and the tennent, [etc.]; Bisset I 12/14 f.
Ane process or breive of ideotrie; Hope Major Pract. II 54.
Because ther is ane proces of compt and reckoneing and malversatione … depending against them; 1683 Edinb. B. Rec. XI 82.
Remit of the proces of treason to the Lords of Justiciary; 1690 Acts IX 225/2.
(4) For deduceing of a proces to serve a generall air and for extracting … off the retoure theroff; 1621 Acts IV 621/2.

10. Attrib. in proces clerkschipe (senses 4-9 above). — The alderman and balȝeis … has grauntit the next proces clerkschipe that uakes in the burgh to William Forstar; 1449 Aberd. B. Rec. MS V i 64.

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